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Based on what I played of the game, I feel that the awful meme jokes in the challenge titles are self-aware. When they put them in the game they weren't thinking "let's put these hilarious internet jokes in here guys", they were thinking "let's put these super played-out internet jokes in the most blatant way possible, so when people see it they are just forced to groan at how bad they are", that’s why those challenges are funny to me.

That said as I was playing the game today I shot a badass in the head and as he died he yelled "AAHHHH Pluto isn’t a planet !!!", and I just completed a side-quest based on the movie Top Gun, so I believe the humor in Borderlands 2 to be great.

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MK9 challenge tower.
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Reworked the design a bit. Still SUPER rough, but that's because I need references photos for the poses. If it's going to look right, it needs to look perfect. Hopefully I have a chance to take some shots tomorrow. Also added in Pope, just to be sure he is forever immortalised by Brad's side. Changed the text, too.

Edit: derp. That color thing on the Tango Down text is bad. I'll fix it so that it doesn't emphasise "in" with "tango down".

I just wanna say i would totally buy this shirt

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never watched Dino Riders, but i did watch Extreme Dinosaurs, i remember almost nothing about it, except the opening theme posted above that randomly pops in my head every now and then

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hello, i just started playin the game, put my acc name on the spreedsheet (LMV.2075). Does anyone one know if the invite is account wide or character specific?

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i'm really hoping for a new J.A Steele movie, or something equivalent. That said they should have called it Big Live Live Show! Live! The Third.

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I remember Acclaim had a marketing campaign where they would give parents $10,000 if they named their child Turok. Don't know if someone actually did it, but yea that happened, someone at Acclaim thought that was a good idea but I guess after you agree to publish BMX XXX you've proven there's no ethical or moral barrier you aren't willing to cross.

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i didnt like Borderlands 1 at all, but after Alex's preview and this i find myself willing to give Borderlands 2 a try, hopefully it will live up to the hype

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i should watch Torque

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I just read Brad’s review and watched the quick look of Steel Battalion, and while I believe that finishing games gives you a better overall view of the game, and lets you write a better review, I also believe Brad was totally justified in not finishing this game, but I feel that way because I trust Brad as a reviewer, and while I don’t always agree with him, I’m confident in his judgment to not finish the game and still write the review.

That said I’m going to paraphrase, and I apologize if I get this wrong it was a long time ago, I believe Shawn Elliott in a GFW podcast about the subject of reviewing games without finishing them.

"How much shit one must eat, before he can tell with 100% certainty that he is eating shit."