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never watched Dino Riders, but i did watch Extreme Dinosaurs, i remember almost nothing about it, except the opening theme posted above that randomly pops in my head every now and then

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hello, i just started playin the game, put my acc name on the spreedsheet (LMV.2075). Does anyone one know if the invite is account wide or character specific?

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i'm really hoping for a new J.A Steele movie, or something equivalent. That said they should have called it Big Live Live Show! Live! The Third.

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I remember Acclaim had a marketing campaign where they would give parents $10,000 if they named their child Turok. Don't know if someone actually did it, but yea that happened, someone at Acclaim thought that was a good idea but I guess after you agree to publish BMX XXX you've proven there's no ethical or moral barrier you aren't willing to cross.

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i didnt like Borderlands 1 at all, but after Alex's preview and this i find myself willing to give Borderlands 2 a try, hopefully it will live up to the hype

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i should watch Torque

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I just read Brad’s review and watched the quick look of Steel Battalion, and while I believe that finishing games gives you a better overall view of the game, and lets you write a better review, I also believe Brad was totally justified in not finishing this game, but I feel that way because I trust Brad as a reviewer, and while I don’t always agree with him, I’m confident in his judgment to not finish the game and still write the review.

That said I’m going to paraphrase, and I apologize if I get this wrong it was a long time ago, I believe Shawn Elliott in a GFW podcast about the subject of reviewing games without finishing them.

"How much shit one must eat, before he can tell with 100% certainty that he is eating shit."

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Community, Doctor Who, The West Wing

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I think the Fresh Prince is awesome, but I voted for Jared, because the conversations his appearances prompted on the Giant Bombcast led me to knowing the entire history of the Tekken franchise, having never played a single round of Tekken in my entire life. And for that i salute you Jared Rae