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I'm actually kind of irked about this. I mean, I was fully ready to go out and get the Sunset Overdrive bundle this week but now if I can save $50 the most reasonable thing to do would be to wait the extra week. Ugh, I've got shit to keep me busy but the wait is still gonna be excruciating.

Also really hope the Walmart in my area still has them in stock. I've heard they're selling out fast.

You can buy it from any store that isn't gamestop and have the price matched the week after.

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How is this desperate? You people have no idea what you're talking about, as per usual.

A 30% price cut for a console that's been on the market for less than 12 months is the definition of desperate. Their sales must be terrible if they're willing to cut so much so fast.

12.5% price cut for the holidays. Or 10% if you're buying an Xbox one with Kinect. Still, this isn't desperate.

Microsoft have been doing amazing things the past 6 months and people still like to hurl shit at them for the Xbox One.

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Congratulations Vinny!

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psn: xtrminatr

just got the game today

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the fucking best thing i've seen since mr. butterfingers

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I really don't know what to think about whats going on........ This just sucks :(

She's shitting on the staff for things that people who claim to be a part of the community do? Sorry, but really? That's so fucking absurd. She seems to have a huge issue with the fact that someone else has the spotlight of getting hateful tweets, so she wants to get some to play victim. I understand she took a MESS of shit for her being drunk a few years ago, but holy shit.

The same with people who are saying the entire community is toxic because of what a few shitheads do. They claim to be from Giant Bomb, but for all anyone knows they are just some douchebags that saw a train of hate and decided to hop on it. Generalizations are completely fucking ridiculous in a situation like this. Taking what tens of people are saying, and applying it to thousands upon thousands is so dumb.

And Samantha Allen's tweet to someone with a legit counterpoint to her being "fuck off"... Ok.. your opinions now hold no water, really.

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hope you guys call into the bombcast so we can still hear you every week small business man!

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psn: xtrminatr

I'm terrible

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I liked that Raw