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Congratulations Vinny!

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psn: xtrminatr

just got the game today

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the fucking best thing i've seen since mr. butterfingers

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@rongalaxy said:

I really don't know what to think about whats going on........ This just sucks :(

She's shitting on the staff for things that people who claim to be a part of the community do? Sorry, but really? That's so fucking absurd. She seems to have a huge issue with the fact that someone else has the spotlight of getting hateful tweets, so she wants to get some to play victim. I understand she took a MESS of shit for her being drunk a few years ago, but holy shit.

The same with people who are saying the entire community is toxic because of what a few shitheads do. They claim to be from Giant Bomb, but for all anyone knows they are just some douchebags that saw a train of hate and decided to hop on it. Generalizations are completely fucking ridiculous in a situation like this. Taking what tens of people are saying, and applying it to thousands upon thousands is so dumb.

And Samantha Allen's tweet to someone with a legit counterpoint to her being "fuck off"... Ok.. your opinions now hold no water, really.

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hope you guys call into the bombcast so we can still hear you every week small business man!

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psn: xtrminatr

I'm terrible

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I liked that Raw

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