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Hey everyone,

Seems like a few of these have been popping up. I looked a few pages deep and didn't see one for the NYC area, so I figured I'd start one.

My proposal: Barcade in Williamsburg, Friday afternoon.

We can drink beer, play games, and share our favorite Ryan stories. I know I could sure use this at the end of this shitty week.

Please respond if interested. If it looks like enough people are gonna show up, I'll edit this post with more info.

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This is incredibly helpful.

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Great little piece. Since I don't use Twitter, I would have never known. Don't stop the great reporting on such an important issue.

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Thanks for noting the Frank and Cox articles. They were great reads.

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I know Vinny mentioned it on the Bombcast, but I haven't heard it anywhere else.

Has anyone else read the book? And if you have, are you getting the illest Ready Player One vibe from everything that's happening with the game and the community? It's exciting just how similar it is to the book--the whole "community coming together" business. Even the leaderboard situations are similar, with people freaking out over those who have the highest percentages, wondering whether they're using glitches or not.

Overall, I'm enjoying Fez's metagame as much as I enjoyed the game. And I can't wait until the final (?) puzzle is solved.

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Just adding to the gripes. It's the matchmaking, and it's horrible on Steam. There have been plenty of times when the lobby has had eight or more people and then just resets itself for no apparent reason. Ditto on the unbalanced teams also.

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At the end of the day, I'm just glad they're online somewhere. Still, the almost nonexistent possibility of getting them on Steam with retroactive achievements similar to Psychonauts makes my mouth water.

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The licensing rights are obviously more complicated than I first believed. Still, it's surprising that GoG went through all the trouble and Steam didn't. Although, GoG probably needed those games to attract interest to their site in the first place. They're some of GoG's biggest sellers, so it worked. I'm sure it's just more trouble than it's worth for Steam, unfortunately.

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I was wondering if anybody had an answer to this. My best guess was that it had to do with the whole EA vs. Steam thing, but if I'm not mistaken, old Bioware games like the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale series were on Good Old Game and not on Steam long before EA started yanking their games off Steam.

Maybe there's an obvious answer I'm just not seeing. Does anybody know?

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I overslept, so unfortunately I missed most of it. Hope that they put up an archived version soon.

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