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I like my websites like the way I like to meet my women. dark and unable to see what's coming there way....

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http://xbigygames.com/valve-and-ign-tease-half-life-fans/ OH SNAP DAWGS IT'S HALF LIFE!!!!

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I bought  360 day one becausw it was new gen.
I bought a PS3 for all the exclusives it would have like Uncharted and ratchet.
I want to get a Wii because it probably has the second best exclusives this generation (sorry Xbox)

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Socom: Fireteam Bravo 2 <3 My favorite online shooter experience still  to this day

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I have an account there that I made to reply to one post as a kid. Never again.

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Probably Red dead Redemption. That game was ok at best at times. Never really blew my mind or anything. Def not GOTY material.

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The fact that Syndicate has a dubstep soundtrack already sold me. Same with SSX

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Anarchy Reigns anyone? due out sometimes soon I believe. Made by Platinum Games too so you know it will have phenominal gameplay.

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@ProfessorEss said:

Dead Space 2, Singularity, Saint's Row the Third, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Bastion, Lego Star Wars III, more Skyrim, more Dark Souls and more Gears 3 Horde.

Jump on Singularity ASAP. That game deserves so much more attention then it got.
Anyways for me it's 
Final Fantasy XIII-2: I'll probably finish this before the end of the week, I'm loving it so far. Great game to start of my 20102.
Uncharted 3: Drakes Decemption - I got stuck on a puzzle and never went back...yeah, I'm "That guy"
Dead Space 2 - I'm half way through the game, just need to hurry it up and find some time to play it. 
These 3 need to be beat while I play NBA 2K12, Super Street Fighter IV:AE, and Tekken 6 on a daily basis.
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Final Fantasy XIII-2