To Ryan Davis: Thanks for Everything, Kevin Makie

One of the things I’m seeing a lot of (that I’ve done as well today) is people saying ‘I never thought I’d be so upset over a man I never knew.’

We may not all have gotten the chance to meet or speak to Ryan Davis, but we all knew him. He was a personality and a king amongst men, more out there and open than most even aspire to me. He’s been putting his life and career on camera and podcasts for a dog’s day, and each and every one of us has been taken on the crazy ride that was his life. From GameSpot to Giant Bomb to Cbs, from single life to Beyoncé’d life to married life, the man’s been open, honest and goddamn genuine.

He’s made everyone who got invested in his ventures a better person one unending belly laugh and cackling fit, one uncomfortable stare and awkward arm stroke at a time.

Grieve now duders (and duderettes? is there a female form?), pour one out, and take solace in the fact that the man lived how he pleased, carrying some of us kicking and screaming through our worst years while he and the crew flipped the script on everything that we knew about entertainment and games journalism with the most infectious joy to grace this planet.

Thank you Ryan Davis.

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