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I can't get Watch Dogs to run at any fucking detail level, so. Take that as you will. It stutters and is completely unplayable even on low, and I don't feel as though my rig is entirely the worst. It's not the best, but it runs games pretty damn well and AC:IV looked pretty good. This is ridiculous.

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So. I would think start would bring that up somewhere but I don't see it. Select is the Battlelog business. Is there no way to bring up a larger map of where you're playing? It seems silly to be limited to the minimap.

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I think you should take a break. Getting mad at games is a waste of energy.

They'll fix the issues. Just give it time.

Yeah this or also not play it for the entire time. I haven't been playing straight BF 4 MP sessions so I haven't been experiencing the server crashes as much since I'm not playing it in long stretches but I can sympathize with it not being able to record progression because it's as if you're quitting mid-match due to crashes..

My issue at the time of this post is the simple idea that no matter the reason that you're disconnected from a match, progression is not saved. I haven't experienced anything nearly to the issue I was having at the time I started this thread, but I'm still getting hard locks after multiple games, which is a bummer.

@awesomeusername: "Doing this to myself." It's a fully fledged sixty dollar product. I expect a certain level of quality from it, and my issue as far as the unlocks go is purely an issue at design level. In addition, I don't have a PC that can run Battlefield, and all of my Battlefield experiences have been on consoles. My plan is to utilize the upgrade system for my PS3 copy, but even then, it doesn't look like the launch of the next-gen version is exactly going smoothly. Moreover, I can't necessarily afford a PS4 at the moment, and personal business is going to have me tied up away from video games entirely for at least two months starting Nov. 19. Purchasing a next-gen console at this point would be a literal waste of money for the near future.

I bought Battlefield 4 because I like Battlefield, and I wanted to play Battlefield while I still could. Expecting a game to be fully, or considering my experience at the time of this thread, to be marginally functional, a week and a half after it's initial launch doesn't seem like it'd be asking that much.

Edit: And now one of the hard locks that occurred between online matches has wiped my campaign progress. Which while I wasn't enjoying my time with it anyways, I'm certainly not playing that shit over again. Awesome.

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I wish with all my heart I had bought a physical copy of this so I could come up with some sort of reason to return it. As it stands, I'll just keep chugging and suffer but literally every play sessions has one to two hard locks for me. And not even necessary the 'leveloution' levels or anything. It just locks in the middle of low intensity matches. I wouldn't have quit the issue with this that I do but I've already spent an entire day where I apparently got nothing done due to server disconnects and hard locks.

Why, in the name of everything good and holy, would they put out a multiplayer game, knowing how launches go for these sorts of things, and not give you what you earned unless you finish the round?

Unless I'm just totally oblivious, I don't think I've retained any progress upon it crashing, and boooooooooooooy fucking howdy does it like to do that. Which is a shame, because honestly, I do like this game, even if I feel Rush is the only mode that approaches Battlefield-esque gameplay on consoles.

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@korwin: Why is that specifically so low? It's efficient re-use. If we had to make a new piece of art/logic/camera work/rigging for every instance of a scene or level in a game we're essentially burning time, effort and budget that we could've used to do more interesting things.

Except... from the sound of it, they didn't use any of that to actually do more interesting things. All of this just further feeds into the idea of CoD being a factory churned product. Why bother animating anything new when we have all these other games we can just pull from?

Reusing assets is one thing, using this scene as a throwback is even a likely theory, but doing a literal nearly identical scene in your new game that your studio put out four years ago with there not being much of an overlap in the universes or meaningful callbacks?

It's comes off as gross. It doesn't matter if it's efficient. Sweatshops are efficient. And they're still fuckin' gross.

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This has probably been made and asked already but I didn't find it.

Will there be an archive version of the EL livestream, either on or offsite?

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I didn't like how much the missions revolved around being blackmailed by the FIB or just doing favors.

Of all the story telling mechanisms Rockstar continually re-uses, I think this is the one I'd like to see disappear the most. I can't recall if it happens in 3 or Vice City, but San Andreas, 4 and 5 all have plot threads where you're doing the bidding of some fucking shady government agency. I guess it's the way they justify the characters being able to engage in all sorts of bat-shit crazy criminal activity without being immediately hunted down and locked up or murdered, but it's a way more integral part of the story this time around. I didn't really get the impression from any preview coverage that I would basically be working for the government against my will for most of the game's big missions.

Don't forget RDR. John Marston and Michael are pretty much in the exact same situation. Having their dark past being dangled in front of them in exchange for doing dirty work. They want Marston to eliminate his old crew and they wanted Michael to get rid of his crew and Trevor later on.

I also got the impression that we'd be working to undermine the authorities, not working for them. I thought Michael would get back into the game of his own volition because he missed the rush of pulling off heists. But most of the time it's like you're taking one step forward and two steps back. You pay a debt, but get into deeper shit with someone else.

I'm in a love/hate relationship with the game's campaign mostly because I spent the entire time working for pricks I wanted to kill and internally screaming 'When the fUCK DO I GET PAID!? I'M SICK OF DOING THIS WORK FOR FREE!'

While that was the most frustrating feeling in the world, it's weird that the game had me engender that much empathy for their situation. I was so fucking ready to kill Haines by the end of that game, and if I did one more heist where someone took a majority of my money away from me, I was going to lose my fucking mind. I was playing a game whose main characters were thieves, and spent most of the missions not making a goddamn dime. It was infuriating, but in a way I feel was on purpose. Whether it was or not, I don't know, but that's how it felt.

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@sunbrozak: I forgot I threw a beard on him out in the desert and he didn't just come with it. But yeah, he hit a very Max Payne in Brasil kind of look in his moment of despair with me, which is kind of amusing thinking about it now, considering his special ability and penchant for alcoholism. And I was surprised that there was any kind of roleplay at all -- I was kind of just doing things and realized after they were done: oh shit, I was doing that?

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@donmfjohnson: I mean he backs down immediately and isn't exactly committed to the idea but being hit with the situation, it's hard to not imagine someone like Lester just shrugging and being like, "Whelp. You sound fucked. You're a hood who moved out of the hood being gunned for by a corrupt government militarized police force and a private military contractor. What realisitic hope do you have?"

But then launches right into trying to help Franklin save them

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I just did this mission and chose "Deathwish". I thought that might imply that Franklin would die, which would be a shame because he was my favorite character, but I chose it anyway because it made the most sense from a narrative perspective. Franklin doesn't turn his back on his homies, and I felt like he probably would risk death rather than have to turn traitor.

This. The amount of time Franklin spends getting dudes out of trouble, and the way that Lamar and Tanisha keep hitting him about his seeming lack of loyalty and self-serving nature, and just his general attitude -- in the end I didn't see how anyone could say anything other than: man, fuck it. Someone's probably going to die, but at least some amount of those motherfuckers are coming with me.

But then, I found myself absolutely fucking poisoned on Haines and Weston by the end of the game. I wanted Haines dead pretty much after the first mission for him, and Weston's using Merryweather on Michael's family let me know that dude had to die. I didn't harbor anything much against Wei Cheng or Stretch, but they were both pretty much just 'yeah, fuck it, get them too!' sort of bullet points for me. I wasn't sure what would happen with deathwish, but I knew I was tired of playing puppet to both of those pieces of shit, and moved forward through that uncertainty.

But I can see how you would be frustrated with the endings. I'm honestly surprised that all three made it out alive, even after watching the quick look. I thought for sure there was going to be some major character death in Deathwish, but instead, it's pretty much the happy ending instead of the cynical, clinical depression that was GTAIV.