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Hold On To Your Jumpjets Spayce Muhreen, It's One Hell of a Ride 0

It really feels like Relic set out to do one thing while developing this game: Make the player feel like the kind of hulking badass that is an Ultramarine. They drive this home with virtually every firefight and enemy encounter across the game, delivering an experience that is not only challenging and fun, but extremely and primally satisfying.Captain Titus...Warhammer 40K: Space Marine opens with Captain Titus of the Ultramarines and his small squad being sent to Planet Macragge, a designated F...

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All the waiting for this? 0

The Ark. No Covenant. I have been waiting, holding my breath in anticipation of Brink for as long as I can remember. Once upon a time, I jested at the idea of mixing Battlefield with Mirror's Edge. I thought 'Well, that will never happen, nobody could possibly ever make that game.' Then came Brink, a class-based, first person shooter that boasted an interesting creative direction, a fairly intriguing universe and, above all, parkour. I was sold. The trailers revealed a game that looked like a po...

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Nobody Said Mob Life Was Exciting 0

Mob stories are cool. Or at least, at one time they were, when they weren't just rehashes of those that were spun 10-20 years ago.   Godfather reference goes here. There is no such thing as a fresh mob story in our modern era, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, provided that the oft stale stories can be told in an interesting way. One might expect that from a game that is simply called "Mafia", but then, one might find themselves terribly disappointed. Mafia II opens in a World War II Ita...

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