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Xbox One code. Hope it works.

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As everyone has already said I'm sure there is no technical reason it can't be on there. Would probably be better then the phone/tablet version. What would be cool is if I could start crafting on my ps3 and continue on my vita, and vice versa.

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That stuff looks kind of cool. I loved borderlands. If it wasn't for dlc would have s ranked. Planned on going back to finish dlc, but still haven't. Maybe when bl2 is closer to coming out. Would I like that chest? Yes. But not at that price. Now my real beef with this is the bobblehead. I like bobbleheads, I collect baseball ones, have over 30. How is it not a claptrap bobblehead/statue? With some clever sound bytes. Would have been instant buy. I'll stick with the regular one ans season pass which I'm sure they'll do.

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Gamefly will be shipping it to me shortly (next week)

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Well there was games out that I didn't want to buy but wanted to play so I started my gamefly back up. This and max Payne should be arriving next week. Followed by battleship and witcher when those are done.

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I was going to get this just for story purposes. From what I've seen around the Internet though the $60 cost is not worth it. I got tired of not getting the games I wanted from gamefly so I canceled. Would have liked to have it for this game. If the price drops I'll consider it.

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@LoveYouSomeEric: Yes that is a valid point. I've been around since APD. I've always seen where the guys were coming from in the decisions that they made, even if i didnt agree with it. Whether content related or on the business side. Obviously this has affected me the most. I'll be honest that when I first heard this news I was stunned and thought, not my giantbomb. I was at work and was unable to watch the live stream. After watching it and reading this faq, and all updates by the various staff members I will give them the benefit of the doubt and will stick around. I urge others to as well. Cancel your subs if you must. If its free whats the trouble with going along and letting the bombers try and quiet your concerns that things will change for the worse, and that things will actually get better. Again this is my opinion. I feel that they have earned it from at least me to see where this goes.

I was following this story hourly if not more frequently. Will watch the livestream at 4 and make no more comments until more info is out there.

Peace out for now GB community.

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Remember when everyone freaked out over paid memberships? I hope most people here, that are adults, realize that things change. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. If they said "Hey we are moving to a new building and are our own website now. We are no longer part of whiskey media" What would the reaction be? If you truly have been here since the beginning stick around a little longer and see how this plays out. By all means cancel your memberships if you feel you can't support this decision. I do ask anyone thinking about leaving to at least hang around until we all see where this goes.

This could totally destroy what they have done here the past few years. I think GB will continue to be GB. But if things head south I will gladly take the "I told you so"s like a man, and quietly bury the part of me that loved what GB is/was.

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You guys have done enough that I will see this through. I will miss the whiskeymedia family as it was. How will this affect any future BIG LIVE LIVE SHOW LIVE?

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I have a spare online pass code for xbox 360. I don't need it so I thought I would share it here. Obviously its going to be first come first serve.