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In honor of Mr. Masuda you should play some Fire Pro on a Bombastica.

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Mostly, I do my game shopping on Steam but might have to get over to Walmart for the Blizzard deals. I would like to play the starting Panda zone and Hots has been on my sales radar for some time.

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Wish they had it in a lighter color can't really wear dark colors around the house. All my animals have light color fur.

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I feel twice robbed. Once of a man I never got to meet and twice of a friend I grew to love from a far. My heart goes out to all who will miss Ryan Davis.

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Getting a bit of a Shadow Watch vibe. And that's a good thing in my book.

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"I joined Zynga because I believe that Mark will pay me a shit load more money then Microsoft ever will"

there it's fixed now.

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@nictel: its made for tablets, apparently people have downloaded it on their phones, and complained about not being able to read text et.c, it seems.

I got it on my Galaxy S4 and I can read the text just fine. The problem I have with it is it gets weird about where you have to touch the screen to do some things.

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I got it on PC. And I love sealed. I made a nice Black deck. Almost had no choice really after I got a Grave Titan out of my first booster.