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Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes scratches the ich 0

Since Puzzle Quest there has been a rash of puzzle RPGs.  Might and Magic Clash of Heroes keeps the rash growing. Anyone that likes the puzzle RPG genre will really get into it.   Only a few minor issues hold back CoH from being a perfect. The story for the game is standard.  The forces of evil are attacking and you are charged to save the world.  Most of the story is told via well drawn stills, and in dialog.  The writing in the game is well done.  I never felt that anything said in the game w...

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Mercenaries 2: World in Shame 0

Mercenaries 2 starts off fine, but quicky turns into a mess of technical problems that make the game overly frustrating.The AI in the game is useless, you spend a min or so getting a few of your AI buddies into a vehicle because they are so dumb they can't find the door.  Even if you do get them in they are about as helpful as screen door on a sub.  Half the time they don't shoot at enemies, the other half they don't hit anything.  In one instance I tried to get a few of them in a APC,  I came t...

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