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Obviously I've heard a lot of what Dark Souls is like and I've finally gotten around to starting with dark souls 2. And as expected I am having a bit of trouble, as a newbie to the dark souls series is there anything anyone can recemond for a first play through like what class would you suggest I start with, should I start with dark souls 1 first? Anything from anyone who has played the game and there suggestions are most welcome, I am really intrigued by the game and want to get through some just not having a lot of luck which is suspected, I think probably there might not be much advise apart from just suck it up and practice lol, look forward to hearing your responses

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Hi everyone just wanted to know if it is at all possible to make the blu-ray disc player on the ps3 region free for movies, the reason why I ask this is as a huge fan of breaking bad I have just bought the collectors edition complete series barrel which on the back dose say regions ABC but some of the disc including the bonus special features disc wont playback due to region mismatch, if its not possible I may as well ask while I'm here too, I also have a LG BD660 Blu-Ray player is there anyway to make that read region free. Thanks you so much to anyone who can help, and before you so Google it I have and there is so much stuff just not giving me a straight answer so I thought id try on a more reliable community thanks guys!

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So I am looking to get into some dark souls as I have heard alot about it, and i will be getting the prepare to die edition, I just wanted everyones opinion on which would be the best platform to get it on PC, PS3 or 360, also one last question, if i was to buy a retail copy for PC dose it register on steam aswell? thanks look forward to your opinions!

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@upsidedownace: Thanks, yea I wont be getting a ps4 on release, otherwise I probably would just read up on it, so I was thinking of playing through all of them seeing as I will have the time before getting a ps4

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Hi there, with Killzone shadow fall out and looking amazing, I want to go back and play the other killzones so I can get some of the story/lore wrapped round my head so I can have more enjoyment for the game. Seeing as I have never played through any of the others, we'll I have giving both 2 and 3 a try and thought they where fantastic but never put in the effort to finish them as I've wanted to properly know the story because I thought I might get more enjoyment out of them, do anyway to the main concern dose anyone think it is worth going all the way back to the first game or just start from the second, mainly want to know if the story is good enough to go back to the first, thanks I look forward to hearing from peeps! :)

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Would you Kindly help this poor soul.

@super2j said:

@raven10: I tried playing that game on pc for the first time years ago and I had a similar crashing problem, I could not get it going. I am finally playing it and I am well on my way to finishing it. Brad almost spoiled it for me too.

I like this, yes I was watching Infinite Spoilers and had to skip a few bits where brad was like "oh and like in bioshock 1 where blah blah blah"

Anyway y'all be happy to know I have find a fix, for me all I had to do was run in dx9 by adding -dx9 to launch options now i was really hoping to be able to play this game making it as best looking as possible but now i can run dx10 textures on it, can anyone tell me if there is that much of a great difference for bioshock 1 between dx9 and 10? If not no worries, if so, then can anyone help me with running it on 10? i know its a long shot and most likely wont happen but hey.

Also thank you very very much for all the help! Everyone!

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I've noticed in the quick look and various other videos that some people have golden guns. Are they like a hidden item that you have to find in the game or was it a pre-order bonus thing, I even saw somewhere that is part of the season pass, but I could find a straight answer.

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It's possible the other 2 will be the dlc's like in IV...