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via Arthur Gies

general embargo for rage reviews is tonight at 9PM PST, for those asking.
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If you want to know why you're on trial on Mass Effect 3 and have a choice for your counterargument then yes.

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@CptBedlam said:

@imsh_pl said:

I still don't understand why people feel the need to post reviews from sites like IGN or Gamtrailers here on Giantbomb. No offence.


Especially IGN and Destructoid are among the shittiest gaming sites out there ... stop posting links to their shit.

Everyone has an opinion. Yours is just shitty.
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7 times............................................... 

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Gnosticism is absolute knowledge, agnosticism is lack of absolute knowledge.

You can be:

An agnostic theist (one who believes but can't claim absolute knowledge of God).

A gnostic theist (one who claims to know for an absolute fact that God exists).

An agnostic atheist (one who doesn't believe but doesn't claim absolute knowledge that God doesn't exist).

A gnostic atheist (one who claims to know for a fact that there are no Gods).  
You should probably make the poll have more choices...  
(I'm Roman Catholic btw...I was just pointing this out)

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@Democritus said:
Sorry for saying that but the one that wrote this is an assh%$# . First this guy (that can be a jerk, I don't know him in person) has not done anything illegal. Once you purchase something, is your property and you are free to study or modify your property as you like while you don't get profit from it. This guy was persecuted by sony without doing anything wrong in the first place.  Now he is hired by facebook. So what? you are critic with that too?.  Not the writer nor the fuc$% holligans that applaud him have a 10% of the talent that this guy have shown, and that is why he is hired by facebook and will earn 100 times more money that all of them.    Now go and spit hate on someone else, like in sony for having the personal data of ppl not encrypted and give thanks to the gods that the breach of security has been performed by the anonymous geeks and not by the mafia.
U mad bro?