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The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game "Rise of the Runelords" has an iOS version developed by Obsidian. It is a very good version of one of my favourite board games. It's a free-to-play game (don't quit reading yet) with an option to "unlock everything" for ~$30. I play the iOS version on my own (there are pass and play options for multiple people), and the physical game with my kids regularly and wife on occasion. Give the free version a try, I love it!

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I haven't yet. It will be unplugged this summer. My kids and I spend a good chunk of the summer at the inlaws' cabin. There is no internet there at all.

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Chunky PB, Raspberry jam and Old Cheddar... Trust me, treat yourself!

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Never! Not even in the depths of winter. Fuck all socks in their stupid holes...

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That's sad. He was a big personality, and I'll miss that. It's a shame to see that happen to someone in the prime of their life. My condolences to his wife, family and the Bombers.

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My launch drive died about three months ago. I didn't want to buy another PS3 with the next gen systems around the corner. I found a replacement laser and track on amazon. It was a little intimidating, but ended up being quite an easy fix. The trickiest part of the swap was unplugging the extremely fine wire.

I would recommend trying to change it out. I think it was a total cost of $58 (CAN), so even if it doesn't work you're not out much. Plus Ni No Kuni was delightful.

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I thought ZombiU was pretty good... That's all I have played on mine though, so take it with a grain of salt...

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I was going to suggest The Road as well. I read it years ago and enjoyed it well enough. I just finished re-reading it since having a couple kids. That book reduced me to a blubbering mess. If you have kids... tread carefully. :)

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I own both... I can conclusively say neither! After our cats and dog are gone, we will have a pet free home going forward.

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I think I just fatigue of the triple A sequel in general. I loved the first couple Halos, but much like COD or Uncharted I don't want to play another one. Lately I am drawn to games like Syndicate, Dragons Dogma or Binary Domain. Games that attempt to be a little different... Warts and all