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I haven't yet. It will be unplugged this summer. My kids and I spend a good chunk of the summer at the inlaws' cabin. There is no internet there at all.

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Chunky PB, Raspberry jam and Old Cheddar... Trust me, treat yourself!

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Never! Not even in the depths of winter. Fuck all socks in their stupid holes...

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That's sad. He was a big personality, and I'll miss that. It's a shame to see that happen to someone in the prime of their life. My condolences to his wife, family and the Bombers.

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My launch drive died about three months ago. I didn't want to buy another PS3 with the next gen systems around the corner. I found a replacement laser and track on amazon. It was a little intimidating, but ended up being quite an easy fix. The trickiest part of the swap was unplugging the extremely fine wire.

I would recommend trying to change it out. I think it was a total cost of $58 (CAN), so even if it doesn't work you're not out much. Plus Ni No Kuni was delightful.

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I thought ZombiU was pretty good... That's all I have played on mine though, so take it with a grain of salt...

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I was going to suggest The Road as well. I read it years ago and enjoyed it well enough. I just finished re-reading it since having a couple kids. That book reduced me to a blubbering mess. If you have kids... tread carefully. :)

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I own both... I can conclusively say neither! After our cats and dog are gone, we will have a pet free home going forward.

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I think I just fatigue of the triple A sequel in general. I loved the first couple Halos, but much like COD or Uncharted I don't want to play another one. Lately I am drawn to games like Syndicate, Dragons Dogma or Binary Domain. Games that attempt to be a little different... Warts and all

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Bobs Burgers is pretty good.