Fighting my first Blood Dragon

There is no doubt about it, Skyrim is my game of the year. It might even be one of the best games I've played and I'm really not a huge fan of RPG-games. But this game is just amazing and I can't stop playing. I'm about 25-30 hours in right now and I've barely touched the main quest because there is so much side quests to do wherever you are. Yesterday I just stumbled upon a house in the middle of nowhere, I decided to unlock the door and see if there was something valuable in there to steal. The owner of the house was awake and I was just about to walk out again when I saw that it was a bandit, I killed him and started looting. In the basement there was a note about some whine that some other dude had placed behind a bookshelf. I looked around and found a button on the wall that moved the bookshelf out of the way, behind it there was a long tunnel. I won't spoil what happened down there, but it sure was fun and the reward was quite nice.

Now to the title of my blog. I was just wandering towards my next quest when a god damn Blood Dragon just landed in front of me. It freaked me out and I accidentally pushed my mouse button for recording with fraps. So I just wanted to share this video, because fighting dragons is awesome.

And I won't give crabby a proper burial, he doesn't deserve it.

And I apologize if my grammar is bad or something, I'm really not good at retelling stuff (especially not in English :P).


Oh Skyrim, you so random.

So I've been playing Skyrim a little and decided to record some random stuff in a town. This was just hilarious and I laughed my pants off when I saw the kids reaction to what I had done. I'll let the video speak for itself. I would not count this as a spoiler because it's not part of any quest.


Goodbye old friend!

As many of you guys might know, MS will be shutting down the Xbox Live-service for the original Xbox tomorrow, April 15.  So a couple of hours ago, me and two friends (along with many others) decided to fire up Halo 2 and play it online one last time. I recorded one of my last games and would like to share it with you guys! 
You guys should boot it up one last time before it's to late,  and if you do so, you will get something special in Halo Reach.