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Nope. Play what you want, but expect one side or the other to hate you for it cause this is PC games yall

How is this any different to PS3 vs Xbox? Or CoD vs BF3/Halo? Or GT5 vs Forza 3/4? Or X vs Y?

Oh wait, it isn't.

Get your logic out of here!

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"I'm gonna devour your flesh." - Joe Biden

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I got a key for Dishonored to sell if anyone wants it, I want 15€ for it. I accept payment through paypal, send me a PM if you are interested.

Edit: Sold.

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Count me in!

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It's not very nice to set fire to your buddies, that's not how you show team spirit!

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@Shotgunblast97: You really need a quad core for GTA IV, your CPU is way to slow for that game.

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@Shotgunblast97: We need to know what power supply you have before we can start recommending anything. If it's just some cheap 250W it might not be enough for a more powerful graphics card. But you should really look on ebay or something and look for maybe a 4850/4870 or 5750/5770. They will play plenty of games on medium/high. Your CPU might be too old and hold them back some though.

You really should start saving up for a new computer instead. Your parts are really old now and you can get a pretty cheap computer that still plays most games just fine.

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5450 is worthless when it comes to games, just don't buy it. It is a HTPC card and nothing else.

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@RIDEBIRD: It's really not that hard to skip that first part if you don't want to listen to it. That even saves you some time!

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I don't know if it's just me, but downloading the podcast via RSS and iTunes is super slow for me. And by slow I mean slow. Estimated download time is usually over an hour. It's not my speed since I get ~30Mbit via wifi to my phone and all my other podcasts downloads just fine.