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My earliest gaming memories have to be Super Mario Bros. on the NES, Flashback on the Amiga, and the original Prince of Persia on PC - on one of those monitors that could only show two colors: Yellow and Black. I also remember playing tons of great DOS and Qbasic games. Later came the "Duke Nukem 3D"-era and all kinds of crazy games, and I became obsessed with making my own levels. That obsession has died down a little today, as the level editors are just too complicated compared to the olden days, and I just don't have that kind of dedication any more. Other then that my tale is a pretty standard one: Before the internet I used to read Nintendo Power. Finally came the 56k modems, and I began visiting Game Revolution regularly, downloading 500 MB demos over the night, recieving bills that could make you scream. Obviously this didn't work out so well, so I combined my Game Revolution visiting with the PC Gamer, and later also the Playstation, Magazines. When I got my broadband connection I didn't feel the need of subscribing to PC Gamer, and for some strange reason I just stopped visiting Game Revolution and started to frequent GameSpot, a site I later on got an account for. So, years have passed. In fact, 3 years since I created the account on gamespot. I'm also a member of ComicVine (where I originally went by another name, but now made a new account to have the same username on both sites), and when I heard what these guys were planning for Giant Bomb, my first thought was: Damn, I need to be a part of that. And now I'm here.