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Simon is in this other Vampire web series thing.

Good stuff all around!

God now I just want a Judas Goat / Contradiction cross-over SO BAD!

Judas Goat - the all-video vampire drama adventure

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I'm about six hours in so far, playing the non-directors cut edition, and I'm enjoying it a lot. I'll try to put more hours in after EVO. Maybe hours aren't a good metric for this game though - I'm poking around sneakily (and creepily, reading people's emails!) and just taking my time with it. I'm at the morgue right now, if that helps.

OK, so, first of all: those stealth take downs. Holy shit. They're so brutal. I also kind of like how they limit you with the energy system - makes me avoid taking out every single person I see.

I've called bullshit a few times getting seen by people though - the stealth seems kind of unforgiving - probably gets easier the more stealth upgrades you get or maybe they intended for you to shoot fools in the face if you mess up the stealth. Either way, so far I've just been reloading my last save when I get seen... Oops?

Can't wait to hear more people's thoughts.

Jensen seems like he's just a super boring character

I felt the same way about Jensen at first - he just seemed like a standard gruff voiced action hero type guy. But I dunno. I've kind of grown to like him(?), and I think a lot of it is thanks to the dialogue system and manipulating people based on their personality types.

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I'm hearing sounds @ http://www.twitch.tv/srkevo1! *squeals*

It's up


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@xymox said:

Does anyone know if they have older sets as well? Or, rather, what's the oldest set that's in?

The oldest set in it is Origins. This game is gunna be the base for all Magic games going forward, so unfortunately they only plan to add the new sets as they come out.

I guess that's fine. Kind of like a clean slate. Apparently they've made tons of new cards for the Origins set, too.

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Did they ever say when the PC and other versions would be out? I see "around the 15th" on websites but that just seems dumb vague. Should we expect it tonight at midnight or some time tomorrow? Stealth Steam releases always seems super weird.

Looks like it'll be out later this month:

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I haven't touched a deck in a while and I'm getting antsy.

I just poked around the website of my local game store and damn near bought a booster box. My wallet thanks me that I didn't. I do hope this game turns out OK.

The MTG video games are more gateway drugs than they are meaningful experiences for entrenched players.

That's exactly it, and how I got in. I bought one of the Duels games out of curiosity - I played CCGs when I was a kid, but only stuff like Netrunner and Doomtrooper, because no one I knew played MTG. When I booted up the game there was an ad saying like "hey go to your local game store and pick up your free steam booster", and it was all down hill from there. XD

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I like MTG and this is the first time I've heard of this, but I don't really follow Magic like I used to. It also doesn't help that they didn't follow the format of previous years ("Duels of the Planeswalkers +Year").

Also it's not on Steam yet, so basically it doesn't actually exist. :P

I really just want MTG Online but with the Duels interface. Is that was "Magic Duels" is? I'll have to read up on this.

Edit: I don't play paper magic anymore and MTG: Online is a mess, so it's actually kind of exciting to hear they're at least planning on releasing new card sets that align with major set releases - something that the modding community has been doing for quite some time now for the older games.

Edit 2: They have planeswalker cards and Two-Headed Giant, so I'm on board.

Does anyone know if they have older sets as well? Or, rather, what's the oldest set that's in?

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I've been thinking about something like this for a while now, glad it's taken off. It's a lot easier to jump into older games if people are actually playing and discussing them.

I actually tried doing this with a buddy of mine - we started with Fallout 2 in anticipation of Fallout 4. Unfortunately it lasted about 2-3 hours before we both gave up on the game and we haven't played it since.

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If they're dropping java and it's coded with directx 12 in mind that would actually be kind of exciting. Imagine the view distance with all dem draw calls.

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While it isn't FMV, the closest I've played to something like Her Story is Analogue: A Hate Story. If I remember correctly, you investigate a derelict space ship by chatting with the ship's AI, reading people's emails /personal logs, etc, to find out what happened. If you're okay with a more visual novel style approach, maybe check it out.

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It's been really hard to find the podcasts. I wasn't even aware of them until someone mentioned it on the livestream. They're apparently listed under "giant bomb presents".

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@xymox: Upgrade your CPU/Mobo and stick with the 960 to see what the performance is like. I've always been of the 'if at all possible stick with one GPU' tribe.

Yeah, this is most likely how I will start out my upgrade path.

@maginnovision said:

@xymox: I would avoid trying to SLI 960's unless you're totally averse to just buying a better card. The SLI scaling seems favorable though for 970's, 980's, and titans, so I'd assume it's just as good with a 960. The caveat being the 960 isn't a strong performer to begin with. If that's your one way to improve performance though it should be ok. Oh and you don't need an i7-4790 for a couple of 960's, also that a single 970 would be the better choice. Similar performance to SLI 960's, less power consumption and you don't have to worry about SLI incompatibilities and issues.

Finally you can check out this link about your potential upgrade: http://www.techspot.com/review/948-geforce-gtx-960-sli-performance/page8.html

It's not the best performer, but at the same I have a hard time justifying not using the thing I just bought. Being a responsible adult and all that nonsense. I'll read through the article and think it through.