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I will turn the graphics down until the framerate is acceptable (constant, solid & 60+) because without a rig that can really carry the visuals, a "pretty" game quickly turns unplayable, and thus unenjoyable, and the gameplay suffers.
I don't know if that answer leans more towards gameplay or graphics.

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This news has been up for hours and neither the conceptual race of humanoids that mario belongs to, nor T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas, is up in the wiki. It says copyright Nintendo, so this is now cannon.

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Never would have guessed that today would be the day I would download and install Origin. Looks like they have Peggle for free also.

Thanks for the heads up!

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  • Told Sarah to grow up, and then left her at the trailer park.
  • Didn't rob Arvo but regretted it, realizing he was full of shit (and letting him go was dumb).
  • I crawled through the ticket booth which I won't be doing again.
  • I'd eat the shit out of a Raccon if I could
  • Held the baby
  • Shot the fuck out of Zombecca.

I don't know. I try to not talk much with any of the other survivors. I traded a few words with Jane and Kenny this episode but that was pretty much it. I didn't mind the sex thing but I did mind how salty Luke got when I didn't support any of his dumb ideas this episode.

Choices don't matter, which is something they really need to fix for season 3. It's like everyone you ever have an option to save just dies later on anyway to make the development of the game easier since they don't have to account for that character being around anymore.

I think at the beginning of the next episode the people who are still alive are probably Clem, Kenny, Luke, Arvo, and the baby. Kenny's probably shot. Could also be Clem with the baby on her own and everyone else dead, and then Jane pops up out of nowhere.

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I kind of don't get how such a niche thing like the Yogscast could become so huge. Granted, I've not followed them for quite some time, but I remember them as basically two dudes roleplaying in Minecraft. And now they're one of the biggest gaming channels on youtube.

The "we don't have any obligation yet we still do this" mentality is kind of interesting. Probably because they know there would be a huge backlash if they didn't. Which wouldn't be an issue if people didn't treat kickstarter as a store but as charity.

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@sweep said:

People complaining about Thor being a woman; At one point Thor was a frog. Your argument is invalid.

Hot damn. Comics are the best.

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This kind of reminds me of that Macintosh(?) island creator (don't remember what it was called)... you'd like tweak different numbers and create a mountain with water around it, could change the color of the sky etc.

I feel I would be more into the whole "is it a game" debate if I had a better philosophical understanding of the question "what is art" but I don't. Mountain is what it is. What ideas and concepts you apply to it does not change what it is. If it's a "game" or "screensaver" those are your own constructions.

But there was a good point raised earlier in the comments. Just because something is announced at a video game conference and released by a video game publisher doesn't necessarily make it a video game. I mean, if Activision announces and releases a lawn mower, it's still a lawn mower.

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Also confused about the ending. I'll just assume she's Faith (or whoever that was) from the first episode (which meant I had Bigby run after her). It's pretty clear that it's the same person at least.

Kind of worried about the way they ended it. Like, they left some room in there to make a season 2 (I'm referring to the dialogue with Snow) but then they put up a "hey guys buy the comic if you want to continue the story!" after the credits which makes it seem like this was a one shot. I might be fine with that. I mean, it doesn't need to be expanded upon, but I kind of wouldn't mind if it was. They're playing it safe I guess, maybe unsure of the reception and if people want more of this? Or maybe unsure if they can keep the IP/that they have other projects that need doing and not enough people to work on them? I dunno. Reading too much into it I guess.

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Portable gaming lets you combine gaming with going outside, sitting on the grass & relaxing in the sun. That alone makes it superior. But it's also great for long trips (flights, train rides/bus rides etc.) or even just to play games while laying down on the couch/in your bed after a rough day at work. They're not without problems however. With the current gen of handhelds (which is my first gen of handhelds) I feel the Vita pushes some really poor framerates and the 3DS has awful battery life unless you're playing a DS game on it.

I feel like I cover pretty much all the bases with a PC-Vita-3DS combo. I do still have a last gen PS3 hooked up - mainly in hopes of Persona 5 coming out over here, but I might exchange it for a Wii U which I then treat as some kind of in-house portable. But I guess that kind of depends on if Mario Maker becomes a thing or not.

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I must be going crazy - I mean, sure, the battlefield video looked good, but a side effect of this seems to be that it's extremely noticeable when the engine itself isn't pushing the same frame rate as the video is outputting... ?

I mean, just as an example, the car movement at ~24 seconds shows the in-game frame rate takes quite a hit - along with when the camera pans down towards the city street, etc etc... Like the smooth parts are smoother but ... I dunno.

Also it kind of makes the whole video look like a 3D Mark test...