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1. Persona 4

2. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

3. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura

4. Final Fantasy IV

5. System Shock 2

6. Mass Effect

7. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

8. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

9. Dark Souls

10. Baldur's Gate

Well this was harder than I had anticipated. You can't fit a whole lot into a Top 10. Turns out you can fit exactly 10 games. Imagine that.

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@r3beld0gg said:
Loading Video...

Unfortunately he lost me at "I'm going to assume you have the upgraded address disruptor and field disruptor"...

I went through this area by area and still no luck. Super stuck right after getting the high-jump and lab coat.

Indi: Can't make the first jump

Kur: There's a save point with two rooms above it that require power-ups, can't go there. Then there's a hallway above that that leads to a powerup (which I got) and a tight gap I can't get through. Up top there are 2 doors I can't get through and an outside area that I can't do anything in (jumps I can't make and double-blocks I can't phase through).

Zi: Upper right there's a small 1x1 square unexplored but seems to just be the ceiling area. There's also what looks like a powerup here that I can't pick up, shoot, or do anything with - like a red sphere on the floor.

To the left of that is a save point that leads to another "too high" jump.

There are two doors further down that require some powerup. And then there's the sleeping robot and another one of those small gaps. I also see floor above the robot doesn't actually exist on the map, but can't do anything with that either. Apart from that it seems fully explored. And from the steam room in Zi I can't make the jump back to Absu or whatever it was called.

edit: nvm, I'm an idiot. Just because I can't phase through the blocks at the outdoor area doesn't mean I can't drill through them. Found the gassy guys now.

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What a fantastic kickstarter video. I'll be very surprised if this doesn't hit the goal within the next few hours. Also, yay Steam version.

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I'm confused already. Is the library feature not cross-"platform"?
I could see myself using this if all my games were accessible from the same list, but if not, it'll be more convenient to just add Witcher 3 through the "add non-steam game" feature on steam...

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Says it's coming to PC right in the blurb under the video, so that's exciting.

I said the name of the game out loud and finally got it.

I read your comment and started doing the same.
Now... Now, I see.

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I wonder if they could make other comic stuff work... Something like Mouse Guard, DMZ, Runaways, Y: The Last Man, Locke & Key, Saga?

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Liking the game so far. I tried giving DOTA2, LOL and HON a decent chunk of time (10-30 hours each I think) and while I liked the games "in theory" they just never clicked for me. HOTS has a lot of personality that I feel those ones lack. We'll see if it sticks.

I still have a few keys. Please keep in mind that these are EU-region keys:





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Oh god, can't wait for a They Live mod for HoloLens!

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Kind of happy to hear others have had a similar experience - I bought a pair of enthusiast Sennheiser headphones like 10 years ago and they've never let me down. I've tried others (I think Philips, Sony, Koss, Steelseries to name a few...) but they always end up breaking in some way (like, loss of sound/cable failure etc). If I were to pick up a headset it would probably be in the Sennheiser "G4ME" series.

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Can't say I know anything about Kotaku but some of the posts here have me worried they'll like put him on "top 5 cupcakes that look like Yoshi" duty or something. I'm sure his opinion pieces/editorials will find a good home there, and his writing will probably reach a bigger audience. Personally, I was more into his video stuff what with all the Spookin' and Spelunkin' and stuff.

Like many others I'm not exactly thrilled but it's always tough seeing someone leave the Bomb. Other than that I don't see the point of speculation or conspiracy brewing - it's bad enough that his own goodbye thread had to be locked. Wish him all the best at the new gig.