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Agreed- top tier episode. After an underwhelming ep 2 I was a bit worried about this one, but now I can't wait for ep 4.

  • Didn't interrupt Snow's eulogy, because I'm still not an asshole.
  • Tweedle Dee/Dum's "office" first, because they shot me and I'm not ashamed to say that in the moment, I cared more about finding them than the investigation. Irresponsible and selfish, eh, maybe a little. But the choices were a huge mindfuck. I couldn't go to where Bluebeard had already gone in case he had messed something up - but also he could've missed something. Ended up with going to the bar second. What a great scene that was as well. (also the Won't remember that-part was hilarious to me).
  • Offered a job to Flycatcher but told him to speak to Snow about it. She's the one who's actually running the investigation (and office...) at this point anyway.
  • Didn't burn down the tree because free market / black market glamors (a service used predominantly by poor fables) are not at fault here.
  • I gave these guys every chance. And they spam me full of shotgun shells. Yeah - I killed the absolute fuck out of Dum. No regrets. Would've taken out both if given the option. I've been playing as a sort of "big good wolf" since episode 1 fighting the impulses but you know what, Fabletown? Maybe I haven't changed. Maybe I'm right where I need to be. I don't even feel as if I've failed.

    I dislike Bloody Mary so much right now. I realized pretty quickly that she probably had silver bullets since she was being so cocky even though they were shooting the capital F out of me and it wasn't actually doing that much to me. Will Telltale satiate my newfound bloodlust? They really (as corny as this might sound) "woke the wolf" with that final scene.
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@ares42 said:

I know this is sorta blasphemous to say, but does anyone else feel like they made getting gear a bit too easy ?

Not gonna say I've got all the best gear or anything, but I've put a bit less than 40 hours into a Crusader and I've already got all the stats I want on all my pieces of gear (with medium to high rolls) and about half my gear is legendary/sets. While I'm sure I could farm for rare unique drops for ages and improve that way, and I could also pour gold into gems, I already feel like I'm 95+% on my way to "max out" my character.

Not even close. Gearing is OK now as you progress through the game. I played before, and using the gear you found absolutely would leave to you being 1-shot by a boss - which ultimately lead to jumping into the auction house and buying the best stuff you could use, because it was the only way to progress, gear-wise.

The new system is also balanced in the way where, the better stuff you get, the faster you will outlevel the stuff you have. You'll look back at those legendaries in a few levels and go "Huh." and salvage them, and sure that might seem like the system is way too generous, but keep in mind you outlevel your gear quickly so it's necessary that the system keeps up - especially since monsters now scale to your level.

Also towards the end-game you'll notice a significant drop-off in character power. For me, the RoS loot system seems to drop items only on levels 61, 66 and 70, meaning at the end I still wear a lot of level 61 or level 60 items, leaving a lot of room for improvement - and the improvement is quite significant. My wizard at the end of RoS had 123 000 sheet damage, and while I do "just fine" on normal difficulty, the people who actually spend time gearing their characters through drops, re-enchanting & gambling reach more than 10x that. So the believed power of where your character is at, while accurate in the lower levels, isn't even close to where you can end up.

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I feel the expansion is over-priced for what you're getting in terms of new content, but man if this isn't just a fantastic game at this point thanks to the patches. I haven't gotten to the adventure stuff yet, and that might fix one of the biggest issues I've had with the game (having to play the story over and over and over...)

I'm really enjoying the new class. Being able to use a two-handed weapon in one hand while also using a shield? Awye.

Was a bit annoyed at first about having to play through the early acts but it seems fine. I'm a bit torn about it still because on one hand I'm exploring every nook and cranny, which is a nice change of pace compared to the multiplayer where everyone's just rushing to the exit - but I'm afraid this might burn me out on the game before reaching the new stuff. If that makes sense.

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ComiPo quicklook confirmed?

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SaltyBet and Twitch Plays you say...? What if there were two streams, each controlling one of two fighters (each fighter controlled by a separate Twitch chat)
and people could bet on the outcome of those matches? One could be fueled by anarchy, and the other, by democracy.

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Pretty much the same. Shipping to Sweden ended up being $31.40 which is almost the price of the hoodie. Don't have a screenshot - but I can PM the order confirmation if you want. Shipping costs are usually pretty silly though...

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If Lily can be glamoured to look like Snow then someone can do the same for Ichabod.

Indeed. At this point I don't believe anything the game says.

No one would go through the effort to elaborately frame Ichabod while they were paying a prostitute to live out a fantasy. That said I have no question that it's more complicated than just "Ichabod chopped off her head" but at this point it's quite clear that he was the one who did it. I don't know, it's just how the stories are told in the comic as well. If they tell you something major like this it usually ends up being true.

Unless the clients are somehow sneaking into their rooms or concealing their appearance Beauty would have recognized Ichabod. Bigby asked her if she saw anyone suspicious and she answered no. How would Ichabod get into the room to commit the murder when Beauty was standing at the front desk? The body somehow made its way out of the room while she was on shift too.

Ichabod could have concealed himself prior to heading to the room. Note also that Beauty didn't notice Snow (If I remember correctly she did say she thought she saw someone who looked like Snow). If it really is Ichabod and that's how he got in unnoticed, it would make some creepy sense for him to cancel the glamor (if that's possible?) and live out his Snow White fantasy while being himself. I'm not really sure what to believe right now. Try replaying the scene if you didn't notice this, but when Snow talks about stalkers, the scene has a temporary mirror frame around it - hinting at the later reveal. Also, Snow keeps her perfume on the desk, and the troll was given it. It makes sense for it to be someone who's seen it up close. That said, Ichabod smashing the mirror doesn't necessarily mean "oh shit they found out" but could also mean "someone framed me and no one's going to believe I didn't do it". I dunno.

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@golguin said:

If Lily can be glamoured to look like Snow then someone can do the same for Ichabod.

Indeed. At this point I don't believe anything the game says.

@lackingsaint said:

My only complaint as far as the action sequences go is how TellTale for some reason likes to ignore how important meaningful decisions are whenever it's in the context of a fight. Like, I was fighting Beast but I didn't want to fight him at all, so after dodging, ducking and smacking him away a couple times, I stopped. He then smacked my head into the wall and I got a Game Over.

Happened to me as well. Beast was upset and freaking out. I purposely didn't put up a fight but then it sort of turned into that anyway because of the Game Over screen.
Perhaps that's why only like 7% of players actually managed to not beat the shit out of him...

Also the "out of character" thing doesn't really work due to the nature of how the game is set up. People will play the game differently and have different experiences, and those events will define the character. In my version Bigby doesn't go around raging at everyone and everything, smashing up people's clubs and stuff. Unless I'm damn sure you're the perp, I'm just not going to fight you, because that's not going to accomplish anything. If you still decide to aggro on me I will defend myself but I'll only use as much force that is necessary to have you stop.

Just because the game offers you a go-into-wolf-rage or "smash this guy's face in?"-prompt during every dialogue tree doesn't mean you have to push it or that it's out of character to not push it. If you know Bigby from the comics perhaps your experience will be different, that you're more likely to be influenced into pushing one dialogue option over the other because that makes more sense to you... perhaps in the comics he can't control his rage - I don't know - haven't gotten a feel for Bigby in the comics (having only read one or two).
But either way the game offers something different.

Still, it's funny. Everyone I've met so far thinks Bigby is this raging monster who can't control himself, so at this point I'm just playing on people's prejudices. Heck, even Snow got on on my ass about it even though I did exactly zero torturing and was actively trying to stop the guy that was as she stepped into the room.

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Day one purchase.

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I'm so glad this finally exists in some form. Will use it the next time I feel like playing Civ. :>