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It's pretty much impossible for normal users, there are bids in the hundreds of thousands of gems... I can't even understand how someone can have that many.

The market was(is?) flooded with items everyone had but nobody wanted.

I'm not entirely sure, but I assume people just buy all the emoticons and backgrounds in the lowest price range (I think $0.01 - $0.03 is as low as it goes? But don't quote me on that) and then just turn them into gems.

If you buy 100 emoticons for $3, and each emoticon is worth 100 gems, you essentially traded $3 for 10k gems.

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Steam Broadcast is used to break copyright laws and stream porn? I'm shocked.

Wonder what'll happen when they find all the nude mods people are using. Because PC gaming.

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Tales from the Borderlands. I really don't like anything about Borderlands, but from what little that was shown during the pre-turkey day stream it actually looked kind of cool. Corporate intrigue in space? That sounds great. Would love a longer quick look of it.

Apart from that, I'd say Warlords of Draenor. But that one isn't showing up in results. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that one of the most enjoyable games this year is an expansion, priced almost as high as a full release, and not just any expansion but a well received one - for a 10 year old game.

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This... actually looks really interesting to me. They were clearly inspired by TF2.

Makes you wonder though... Did all these character models and locations get pulled from Titan and were they re-purposed for Overwatch?

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are we talking with a controller or mouse and keys?

First of all I never play first person shooters with a controller, and I never invert the mouse so, normal I suppose.

I don't always play with a controller, but when I do I prefer to play inverted.

Same here actually. When and if I'm using a controller I have to invert. Otherwise I just end up staring at the floor or ceiling every time I try to walk around a corner. When I use mouse and keyboard I never invert though. I don't know why that is.

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If I do continue to work in games it’ll be as an anonymous 1 of 1000 at some shitty corporation, not the most public figure of a single digit sized team.

Dude still can't just keep his snark in check, even in an 'apology' letter. All the while yesterday he was shitting on Humble for not getting as many sales as he would've if they were still on Steam. The guy just doesn't know to get out of his own way.

Yeah, that's... an unfortunate way to speak about future employers.

Also, he kind of couldn't have picked a worse time to "sarcastically joke" about killing a game developer.

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I actually appreciated the meaningless relations. They mirrored exactly how I felt about how the situation was without Lee. I can't say "my Clementine" made much of an effort to get to know anyone. At all. They can never be Lee. And I think this was a wholly intentional design choice by the developers.

I've played a sort of "lonesome survivalist" and didn't really care much about the other characters. For instance Sarah. I told her to grow up and left her to die. That's such a terrible thing to do, and I don't think Lee would have been proud of Clem for doing it, but I did it. I guess that's kind of why I got so attached to Jane, because she ended up being the only relatable character.

But then something happened at the end when the ice cracked and Pete - or whatever the hell his name was, it wasn't as if I actually paid enough attention to care - fell through it. That moment was a sort of awakening. Here was this guy who, unlike a lot of the people in this group, actually seemed all right. So my Clementine started bashing the ice. And bashing it. Until she fell through. And all those ideas about survival at all costs were just... gone.

I was actually super happy about waking up with Kenny and Jane in the car. But then they started fighting, and I couldn't make them stop.

I knew exactly what Jane had done when she entered that building without the baby. I didn't blame her at all. I always believed in Kenny, but I've had this bad gut feeling about him all season.

Ended up with Jane at the end.

I actually can't see myself picking up another episode unless that lets me continue the arc and lets "my Clementine" grow into something that would make Lee proud.

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If the "new" 3DS would be able to push games to 60 FPS while in 3D, I'd be willing to upgrade, but I'm almost positive that's not gonna happen. I'd also be pleasantly surprised if this thing supported Miibos out of the box and not require you to buy additional hardware for that functionality, when it comes, but that's also probably not gonna happen.

Both handhelds on the market are frustratingly under-powered at the moment so it's good to see the hardware being iterated on, but I have this terrible feeling that the increase in processing power is going to be minimal at best. My doomsday prophecy is that even with the updated CPU, it's still gonna struggle with Xenoblade.

As someone who bought the original non-XL 3DS, I could see the "new" XL being a semi-justified upgrade, especially if the additional processing power doesn't actually impact the battery life, which is one of the reasons to get an XL to begin with.

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I will turn the graphics down until the framerate is acceptable (constant, solid & 60+) because without a rig that can really carry the visuals, a "pretty" game quickly turns unplayable, and thus unenjoyable, and the gameplay suffers.
I don't know if that answer leans more towards gameplay or graphics.

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This news has been up for hours and neither the conceptual race of humanoids that mario belongs to, nor T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas, is up in the wiki. It says copyright Nintendo, so this is now cannon.