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Ecco the Dolphin is the hypest shit ever

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

Ecco was hard as fuck. But maybe I wasn't being diligent enough.
Really liked its theme and scope, though.

You got to be a wolf twice, an overpowered dragon once, a tiger that was pretty much the werewolf with a spread shot, and then... the bear. The bear was fucking awesome. It rolled around, and when it breathes on dudes it turns them to STONE. It's too bad you couldn't choose which beast was the thing you'd have as your final power-up.

Eh, but my favorite thing to do would be to power up to the most muscle and then NEVER change into anything. You actually kick a lot of crazy monster ass that way.

Oh, and 2P co-op. Or was that not on the home version?

Almost done: This list needs Golden Axe.

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@ahoodedfigure: Yeah the theme is really nice. But it also feels a bit too experimental while not knowing what it's trying to be - if that makes sense. They could strip away some of the "video game-y" things like locking you off certain parts with those crystals.

Dude, Tiger with spread shot sounds so awesome. I need to get back into that game. Also a Bear that stones dude sounds fucking rad as hell. I never got to those parts. I'm gonna jump back in and try the "stay as muscle dude" tactic though. I don't remember if it has co-op?

It does need Golden Axe, and it has! I remember really liking that game as a kid so we'll see how disappointed I'll be. I remember it having co-op, that you could pick up items, and beat the shit out of gold monsters. That's pretty much it. Gonna try it out again later and see if I was right in thinking it was great.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

@xymox: Altered Beast was pretty short if I remember right. You just have to stick with it. The dragon level is cheesy because of its powers.

GA is a beatemup, so it leans heavily on how you like the theme and the mechanics. My memory is mixed up with the arcade, which felt a bit different, of course. I'm just into swords and sorcery stuff, I guess :)