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Rose-Tinted Glasses +2 0

Released fourteen years ago in the shadow of its twin brother, Icewind Dale did not look like much more than a stand-alone expansion pack for BioWare's RPG masterpiece Baldur's Gate. Indeed, the minor differences between the games were, and still are, close to indistinguishable - so why did my trek into the frozen north of Faerun end up being so enjoyable?Black Isle's Icewind Dale focuses less on creating a large world to explore and filling it with quest-lines, and instead attempts a smaller-in...

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Of Princesses and Mood Swings 0

Considered by some to be the "worst Mario game", Super Princess Peach is well deserving of the critique; Indeed, her only adventure as the protagonist flips the Mario formula on its head, and then stomps on it. Angrily. People looking for a simple palette swap need look the other way, because the bold directions in which Nintendo took this platformer, leaves you with more than just a game catering to a niche audience that want Peach to save Mario for a change.That is of course the goal of the ga...

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And the prophet shall lead the people to the New Eden 0

Welcome to the 1900s and Columbia: a city that has separated itself from "Unamerica" both litterally and figuratively. Columbia is a city floating in the sky where things like steampunk, American exceptionalist nationalism, and the worship of the founding fathers as Gods is part of the daily life of a citizen.The stunning graphics and colorful presentation help bring this amazing world to life. The setting, and subsequently the lore, was indeed so interesting that I frequently spent time actuall...

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Follow the money! 0

Originally released in 1996, the conspiracy-laden Broken Sword comes with a surprising amount of modern conveniences - if this is thanks to the Director's Cut edition or not I couldn't tell you, but I will tell you this: I can see why people were so crazy about this game back in the day.It feels very streamlined: the ability to skip puzzles to reduce frustration when you're stuck, hot spots on the screen to indicate what's clickable or not to cure the point-and-click-on-everything-disease that p...

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Stab Nazis Like Uh Uh Uh Uh 0

Satisfying in parts, but sadly held back by a lot of problems. It is a pretty poor PC-port in general - so expect things like controlling menus with your keyboard, or accepting option changes with enter and not being able to change most options while the game is running.The game doesn't really know what it is: is it a shooter or a stealth game? It does neither with much competence and that's why it suffers. Many times I ended up being spotted even though I was hidden (as the game clearly indicat...

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A Look At Limbo 0

Every once in a while there's one of those games released, that, seemingly and immediately, become contenders as arguments for the pro-side in an "are-games-art" discussion. Limbo is one of those games. It's eye-catching, atmospheric, and very much aware of what it is, for the first few sections of the game or so. Much of the pull stems directly from the art direction of which this game is spawned, and make no mistake: What makes this game stand out among others is indeed, exactly, and almost on...

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Watered-down 0

Tekken 3 was a system seller for me. And yes, I just started of a Tekken 4 review with the words "Tekken 3". That's how I roll. So yeah, Tekken 4. I'll TRY to keep this review like the game: Short.Some minor changes have been made to the Tekken formula, for good and for bad. Nothing really stands out to me except the fact that it's now easier to strafe and move around the arena which is great because that was one of the most anoying things in Tekken 3. You also seem to be doing a bit less damage...

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Frame Rate Issues... Or "Artistic Slowdown"? 0

Odin Sphere is a very unique and interesting experience. The artistic choice has been to make this game sprite based, which has led to an interesting use of something that resembles a 2D fighting game perspective with circular stages, containing mini-challenges with a variety of monsters and bosses for you to fight. While the games hand drawn sprites not only look amazing but also present some interesting gameplay, there are many problems that come with it. It doesn't really make sense as to why...

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Best in the series, so far 0

Now, with a title like that I got to have something to back it up with. I've personally played through all the Half-Life games on more than one occasion and hands down, Episode Two has truly been the best and most enjoyable experience yet and left me at a gaming high hours after finishing it, only to have me get up the next day to play through it again, this time with developer commentary turned on which is this great new feature the episodes have brought that gives you insight in a lot of the w...

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The story continues 0

Half-Life 2: Episode One sets of right away with an alternate ending to the events of Half-Life 2. Although if these events occur before or after the actual ending is not clear - but by now the player should be used to be left in the dark when it comes to the storyline. The first thing I noticed, sadly, was the frame rate. Now those of you on older systems who previously could run Half-Life 2 should be warned that you might notice choppiness and tears in dialog that really break immersion. The g...

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An emotional roller coaster ride 0

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is set in Arcadia and Stark, two parallel worlds where magic and technology hold the grasp of one world respectively. You begin your journey in Stark - which is sort of like a futuristic version of our world - as Zoë, an unemployed and unmotivated young woman who is stuck at the real-life puzzle most of us get stuck at – and it’s really easy to relate – the one where you’re trying to figure out what to do in your life. So one day, as a favour to her old boyfriend, ...

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Let's just get this out of the way: Second Life is not a game. 4

Second Life is a virtual-life chat client / virtual shopping mall where you create your character and then interact with people and buy stuff. Anyone familiar with Active Worlds or IMVU should feel right at home. But for convenience, though, I'll refer to it as a game from here on out.I would also state that this will be a review from a "free user" perspective - as such I will not enter the creator or business aspects of the game. So in Second Life you start of by creating an account with a firs...

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