first day of the rest of my life?

Don't wanna jinx anything here but... I suppose starting this morning long before sunrise I'm beginning some sort of commitment to spend a lot more effort "taking care of myself"-

Specifically exercise (I own an iPod nano & there are free apartment treadmills I have no excuse...) & maybe cut back on the beer (I'd like to think I already eat about as good as I can within my budget & fast food is already an extreme rarity to me).


 I've heard of this phase of adult life where you realize recklessly abandoning all your free time to sedentation and hedonism is starting to physically take its toll & things will start getting very much worse unless you take control somehow.  I guess mid twenties is a better time to get this eureka rather than thirty or whenever else.  

Of course I've already missed the athletic skate-shreddin prodigy boat years ago but thats no reason to give up.  Somewhat recently I've tossed around the idea of seeking out some local like-aged like-minded amateur sporting collective, but of course I'm in no condition to approach any sort of thing without some months of self training & conditioning.


Once again, big fear of jinxing it all or ADD-induced loss of interest like I often do in many a thing.  Here's hoping it all pans out.  30-60 mins off of my ass a day probably won't kill me.


would you kindly?

just a quick thought because I just started playing bioshock 2 
I did somewhat enjoy the original, though it wasn't quite the life-changer I had been hoping for 
and the sequel does justice to the established setting and gameplay mechanics 
(& just like the first game I die over & over & struggle with health & ammo on medium, switch to easy, and suddenly I'm tripping all over supplies and surviving possibly too many bullets, but I gotta finish the rental!  though from a peek at some FAQs it appears I'm already almost halfway through? talk about short!)

but isn't it strange that the original game kind of made a statement near the end about blindly following directions from "helpers" unseen and their golden arrows? 
and it very much would put you in an area and allow you to explore and find all the secrets & loot at your own pace 
whereas the sequel very much has Sinclair hounding you over & over "c'mon c'mon get back to the train" 
I appreciate the hint feature when holding select to access the map 
but does a voiceover (who constantly interrupts the diaries I'm trying to listen to by the way) have to constantly push you towards the objective? 
I guess going for that broad audience has its consequences 
ok ok back to it



workin on that ol' PileOShame 
Beat Ratchet and Clank Crack in Time and Fallout 3 
And been goin back to Super Mario Galaxy (1, gotta finish that before trying #2!) 
So now I only have Assassins Creed II to finish on PS3 
And only Torchlight on the PC?  (& maybe Borderlands DLC if I decide to buy it) 
Haven't been afraid to put things aside that seem to be wasting time 
like Darksiders, with that ridiculous bat boss 
and Dragon Age, which I can't see myself getting that into 
If I don't get Modnation Racers, Red Dead Redemption, or Just Cause 2 next from Gamefly next (they are all "Low") 
maybe I'll get MAG or FFXIII or Bioshock 2 or New Super Mario Bros Wii or Skate 3 or Bad Company 2?? 
lots of possibilities! 
(apologies - stayin up late has effects on my grammar and cares about capitalization)


I suppose...

its not fair or possible for achievements to be retroactive (or quests? wink wink) 
but that don't make it less annoyin... 
(I'm lookin at you, Burnout Paradise Trophy Pack!)


my very own giant bomb

pretty heavy
lookie what I found!
some guy left this behind (along with dishes, a neat poster & a damn mess) in my dad's new apartment
& this awesome rusty hunkajunk was just gonna get tossed out!
 mk 76 mod 1 practice bomb - apparently a WWII-era relic?

 bent up fin
 firing pin would go here (just smoke charges though)

well i finished borderlands

first run at least ^^
berserker spec'd to tank but with a genuine love for sniper rifles
(& I usually can't stand sniping in shooters!)
& now I have to get back to fallout 3
or maybe ratchet crack in time?? or torchlight??
or jump into the first mass effect so I can properly appreciate the current massively hyped second one???
not to mention "trying to get back" to some artistry & animation
might just have to restrict that stuff to work days
& game/netflix straight thru weekends.
*sigh* life is holding itself together rather nicely for the time being.


delayed psn update this week?

I guess it might come on saturday after the holiday
just wish I didn't have funds burning my digital wallet
cuz if I blow $25 on wipeout hd fury & something awesomer comes out the next day
there will be self kicking...


avatar followed by jameson

just made meself a highball after seeing AVATAR IN 3D 
(not the game of course just the only relevant blog tag)
the ultimate escapism experience?
the movie that wraps a world around your head & you can't get away & don't want to?
superlatives are fun when they are true.
let me further the ringing in the blogosphere of "OMG AVATAR" 
amc gift card well spent


just the standards

uncharted 2
ratchet & clank crack in time
pixeljunk shooter
and of course some occasional rounds of MW2
in between driving across the state & getting engaged & stuff  ^^

had to pass up $39 dragon age with the best buy giftcard cuz they were out of the PC version (couldn't play that on PS3) 
if only borderlands or assassin's creed 2 were on sale instead of tekken!!


holidayses & psn decisions

I had some good holidays
got engaged and joined the Manchester United
and finally got my mitts on some Uncharted 2 and Ratchet & Clank Crack in Time
as well as gift cards which I used to get PSN cards which I used to get Um Jammer Lammy (weird and confusing) and Pixeljunk Shooter (haven't played yet) and...
actually undecided on what other PSN thing to get... Wipeout interests me, but I'm like $1 short
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 just doesn't seem worth the $15, + fighting games just don't have lasting appeal for me
Soul Calibur IV and Street Figther 4 couldn't hold my interest despite great excitement...
whew almost listed all my previous PSN purchases & asked for recommendations there...
don't wanna be one of THOSE narcissistic trolls
hope everyone else got more than socks from father christmas!
edit:  almost forgot to mention!
one of the reasons I started typing this instead of sleeping was to gripe about the 1.8GB patch for the MAG public beta - ooo & its crawlin too
shoulda known the 500MB download from the PSN store was a bit lightweight
edit again:  blood simple was prty awesome
coen bros first movie and they already have their style downpat
making it so interesting to watch people do such stupid things
and they have no idea what's going on!! ^^
+ been wondering if the ps2 avatar (the last airbender) games are worth checking out
recently discovered the show and have an appetite for moooooaaar....
& MAG isn't even playable til like 1/10/2010
just gonna sit on my HDD for almost 2 weeks??

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