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twin perfect's youtube channel is AWESOME THANK YOU

must replay silent hill 2 now (original PC version of course)!

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I'm down! Loved the first 2 but never played RB3, main reason being the drums make too much noise if you have downstairs neighbors...

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It's definitely the best free to play game I've tried (save TF2 of course) (also tried need for speed world, battlefield heroes & ftp, lord of the rings, and all points bulletin)... Definitely feeling the art style and combat flow, but a bit puzzled by things like timers on menus & clunky install process... May sink more time in it yet

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Hah didn't even notice how old this thread is (though not surprised of course)

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I got the rabbit hole trophy already and I also get no gray rings but it says there's still one left to get... If this is a glitch I'm no trophy fiend but this is quite annoying

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why "kirby wii"? also, need to finish epic yarn o_0

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absolutely nothing new 
great job! 
when the next generation image format comes out they can crank them all out once again!

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I just KNEW they'd make it stuff I already had or have had

wonder how many people get dead nation just because that's probably the least played thing on the list
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I'm ok with this.  Hope I don't get all used to PS+ & wanna pay for it after my month is up o_0

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hmm don't think Valve will let them call it "steam"

EDIT: in the IGN article, they say it may be called "stream" lol typos