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Games can be classics just like movies, and just like popular movies at certain periods of time haven't aged well, games that were not as solidly made or that have been substantially improved in successive iterations don't hold up.  
I think games have more of a shelf life than movies though - I rarely watch movies more than once anymore, unless someone wants to watch it with me, but a good enough game can be played ad infinitum, as long as your imagination holds out!  People still play games from consoles of decades past everyday, though arguably they do need to get out of their narcissistic time bubbles and smell the fresh macaroni
Gamefly couldn't do retro games like Netflix can do old movies though, of course, because of many old games not being on discs, and GF's apparently limited resources (you have to get pretty lucky to get a hot new release for months on end - but of course everyone is paying $ a month to rent everything instead of paying $$$ to buy every new game).  That said, this holiday is making me seriously consider rejoining lol...
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hehe i remember watchin amanda (shawnee smith) on becker before class in college...
which made the first moveh all the more freaky for me
but i haven't bothered since #4... & barely bothered with that one

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tekken 5 online's much worse - 
join lobby, watch entire 8 round fight, get all excited when its your turn, and KICKz0r 
& everybody's really picky about lag

never got into enough matches to get anywhere away from the n00b rank, which is probably what gets me kicked
thanks for making me pay 10 EXTRA DOLLARS namco
at least I got rumble support out of it...

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@chronix: yaaah i was scraping to relate there i s'pose ^^
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reminds me of the times gamefly gave me $10 coupons off of used games
but they only had like 10 PS3 games available used, all decidedly bargain bin fodder...
so I end up with crap like Force Unleashed... 
just because its a "good deal" doesn't mean its worth your money!

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genoa salami, whatever that's made of ^^

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hi I own a ps3 and enjoy sonically endearing percussion endurance and vehicular vicariousness simulations
I'm becoming quite the GB addict so I think a particular kind of crazy rambling blog is appropriate
beat red faction guerrilla...  glad I played on casual like recommended... wondering if  $10 dlc is worth it... 
maybe I should go down to the home depot and pick up a sledgehammer the size of which I could probably barely lift and start smashing things and see if I earn some salvage moneys
not regretting purchasing guitar hero 5 (though I'm sure my bank account thinks otherwise)
but beatles rock band still beckons... a rental may not suffice
not to mention brutal legend!  omgthequicklook
< <
gotta love that warm happy numbness that can only come from that infamous lethal combination of bacon egg & cheese...
what a craving...