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slightly off topic - JG allegedly lives in the fancy apartments across the street from the store where I work in Charlotte 
I've never recognized him though I may have directed him to a product or greeted him without fully looking at him which I do all the time 
I sometimes wonder if ppl are effing with me when they claim they've seen him 
one coworker (who's almost certainly not a NASCAR fan) thought he was humorously short 
thats all I got

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white out not exclusive... we have it at my work... but not in halo bottles...

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"say beembo!" says the bimbo bear 
good ass bread! 
so glad ryan knows the brand

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next time I get 5 guys I have to remember to leave off the mushrooms 
otherwise they make good burgers & great fries if a bit overpriced

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i hate that by the time I got a PS3 the free demo GTHDC was replaced by the overpriced demo GT5P.   
Those Ferrari challenges in the top tier are pretty ridiculous! 
& Queens Blade was like a limited time free thing anyway right?

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jealous grats to the lemons!

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PS3 (don't have a 360)
I'm just wondering if this will come out in the states... 
maybe doubtful because of all the press interaction stuff the developer diary goes on about 
but its being covered on giantbomb so *shrug*

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a second shot at what spore should've been?

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@EternalDarkWing: haha that thing says I can't run games I can run fine (dirt 2, bad company 2) solely based on my slightly outdated processor which the GPU more than makes up for ^^ 
always good to know my 4 year old toaster is still current!
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i can't believe its $10  
too bad thats almost all the moneys I gots left 
& I'd prlly play through it once & never touch it again like L4D1 
unless some ppls on here are still playing?