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I think it's been around 2 years now.

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OP, as you can see the game is very polarizing. I think it's impossible to say either way because people have such differing opinions on the game. Some love it to bits, some think it's meh, some hate it. The best thing to do would be to make your own opinion of it, but by no means is it a bad game. I don't think there exists a bad Nintendo-developed Zelda game; they are all of very high quality.

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I'm pretty sure it was because they made Link right handed. People hate that.

Also, no Ganondorf.

It's as much of an origin story for the Master Sword as it is for Ganondorf himself. He's not in it because he didn't exist yet but an equally badass villain is present. But they do something REALLY cool with the villain... man I love this game.

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Xenoblade Chronicles. Baten Kaitos. Final Fantasy XIII. Resonance of Fate.

It's a shame you don't have access to a 360 because I think Lost Odyssey is the greatest RPG of last gen (and for me, one of the all time best).

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So basically, nothing is wrong and they're still planning on doing it? A statement from Xbox saying that it's completely inaccurate and they're still planning this is pretty damning to those saying it's not happening. I think what Chris Charla said was more like: we aren't far enough along with the process to say anything yet, so as of right now we have to send custom dev kits out.

I don't know anything about this process, but it must be pretty difficult. MS basically has to find some way to open the box up to EVERYBODY without making it vulnerable as fuck.

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It's my favorite Zelda game (I've played and beaten all except the Oracles and Spirit Tracks). I think the controls work ingeniously well and it's a joy to play through. I have heard complaints about the controls not being accurate but I have never had that happen to me. It worked 100% of the time and I never found myself at the mercy of the game due to controls.

I'm also very glad they're sticking with this art style for the next Zelda.

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I really cannot stand how you can't switch regions on Sony stuff. When I moved to Europe from Canada, I switched my Xbox account region to Germany in November and now that is where it stands. When I go back this month I will be able to switch it back to NA because it's been after 6 months and Microsoft just lets you do that. I was also able to play every single Xbox game I have on my PC (Windows Store games) without the region being an issue, which leads to me believe that once you buy a game you can play it in any region, regardless of where you bought it.

But with Sony, they don't even give you the opportunity to switch back. I am stuck with the EU PSN account I have over here, and thus all my Vita games, and so I have to buy EU PSN codes from amazon when I want to buy something. Add the fact that Vitas can only support one PSN ID and it's completely ridiculous. If I want to start using my NA account again, I will lose all my games and saves and will have to restore the card to work with another PSN.

tl;dr: region stuff is garbage.

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So I guess this is the closest we'll ever get to play AS the Master Sword in a Zelda game.

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I remember this game being announced years ago and now here it is.

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@babychoochoo said:
I liked this game way more than anyone probably ever should.

YES! I came in here to say this. So glad someone else mentioned it. Quite possibly the funnest time I've had with actually controlling an on screen character. That boosting.

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I'm almost done Last Mission but I saw there was a trophy I can get around the area where I am. I'm on floor 57 right now and apparently if I keep using Find Secret Room folios until I get a certain room, save, and then repeat two more times I can get the trophy (Tonberry Treasure). Sounds pretty easy. The only thing is, Last Mission doesn't even seem like it exists on the internet. There are no guides, no videos, nothing to help me figure out how to get this item. There is one video on Youtube but the guy somehow already had like 5 Find Secret Room folios when he got to floor 61, which is where I need to use the first one. Where is this item? Is it simply found or does any enemy drop it and on what floor can I find it?