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Since you mentioned me, I'm gonna solidify my opinion that XIII is one of the best Final Fantasy games. While I do think it takes a little long to fully open the game up, by the time it does open up they will provide you with all you need to be an ace at the battle system, provided you didn't just auto-battle your way through it. And the battle system is what makes this game to me. It's just a whole ton of menu-based fun. Cancelling orders at the perfect moment to sync up attack times to keep an enemy launched, reworking your strategy on the fly, it's just so exciting and hasn't gotten old.

I'm actually just starting up XIII-3 right now and I am so damn excited.

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The first and third are some of my favourite all time games, but let's be hoesnt, the entire series is just great. I picked 3 though because I just loved how it controlled. Best Wii motion based game hands down.

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What's different is that MGS4 had tons of interesting systems, it had a somewhat large exploration aspect to each level, it was much longer (thus giving you more time to become connected with the characters), and it was an established franchise that portrayed dearly loved characters in unique and emotional ways.

The Order is a new IP that expects people to care about these characters by tightly restricting the amount you can even play as them and ending too soon (and on a cliffhanger, at that). I don't get why you'd list and deride all the negatives that this game has, and them disregard them because it's "cinematic". MGS4 was cinematic, sure, but it had a LOT more going for it and while it had it's shortcomings, the really fun Octocamo use, the multiple ways to go about missions, unique boss battles, and the super amazing tie-ups to some characters backstories was what kept people going.

It's totally fine to like the game, but how you're explaining it doesn't make any sense. It might mislead people who really like MGS4 into thinking that this is the game for them when really the two share nothing in common other than "being cinematic".

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It seems like you nailed a lot of what I've been seeing and hearing about the game.

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To me it comes down to the other options out there. If there are games already out that I haven't played that are known to be good, long games, I will without a question choose them over short games. Actually who am I kidding, short games I will only buy when they're deeply discounted or used, as it's just not worth it to me.

Also, with game prices being higher this generation, I think that there is even less that can be said in opposition to this.

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Morrowind. Bethesda should be ashamed of everything they have created since then.

This. Nothing has come close to Morrowind's world.

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Awesome. It sounds like I'll be upgrading soon!

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@jimbo said:

You're surprisingly thoughtfully designed.

So much love.

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Really tempted to install Windows 10 - I was in the Windows 8 preview and really liked being a part of it, but I'm just wondering if there's anything I need to know before I make my decision. I'm running a Lenovo Yoga 13 Pro (the very first model, so Holiday 2011 was release):

  • Core i5 3317U 64bit
  • 8GB RAM
  • Intel HD4000 with current drivers

It's a great machine and I've never had a problem with it. I don't doubt that it will run Windows 10 well, I just want to know if there are a lot of issues with the preview itself?

Any info you can offer me would be great!

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This does look amazing. But it's an MMO. Sigh.