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First reviews seem great. I am excited, this came out of nowhere.

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Coulda sworn this was announced a while ago. I'm probably wrong.

Anyway, I've never played an Ys game before, but this looks pretty fun. Will definitely check it out if it comes out here.

It might have been, honestly, but this is the first footage I've seen of it anywhere.

I think it was announced like a week ago but this is the first footage released. Regardless I am excited. When I get a PS4 there will be some great games out! Also if the Vita version turns out to be good then I might just skip the PS4 version because honestly it doesn't graphically look that great, but that's not really its strong suit it seems.

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Nothing at all about that sounds even remotely fun. Playing it for that long to receive little to no reward and then be presumably (at least at these guys' level) left with no more new content after the raid is mindblowing that they're willing to stick to this game, but I mean that's their decision. Just as it was Bungie's decision to release this hacked up game...

After Bungie saying the best stuff is to come after release, they're really not hitting it out of any parks with this. It's disappointing how much this game is not for me despite how much I want it to be.

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Maybe this will end up being for the best, but no matter how much people might dislike Nomura, it's hard to be optimistic about a director change in the middle of a project. 12 was basically ruined by it in my opinion. Hajime Tabata is an interesting choice for his replacement, I'm willing to entertain the idea after he directed Crisis Core, but I have to wonder how well his vision and Nomura's vision will blend. I feel like a lot is riding on this game, especially given that recent quote about how they're using it to judge the viability of console rpgs. It's really baffling to see changes like that given what this game represents, though just about everything Square does these days is kind of baffling to me.

Despite making me worry about 15, I suppose this is at least good news for Kingdom Hearts 3. Personally I'm more interested in the former though, and I wish its fate was a little more secure.

That is generally true, but FFXV is hardly in the middle of development. There is already a demo planned and will apparently release next year - so within the next 4 - 16 months. Considering by the time it will be released it'll be 10 years in development, switching directors on year 9 is definitely not the same as year 4, 5 or 6. Who knows, maybe Nomura's stuff is already done on this game and he can now focus on KH3.

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This probably just means that he's done all he can - perhaps the game's "direction" role is pretty much done (cutscenes and story and taken care of, or whatever) and now they just need to fine tune everything. I think the addition of a new director will be good because if some of Nomura's design decisions were fucked then this new guy could add his own take on them. I heard that Type-0 was actually a very refreshing Final Fantasy game.

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It looks to play like a much more action-y Last Story, which is definitely fine by me. The party characters seem to try and combo with you. My god this looks good.

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Sounds awesome, also didn't know that Type-0 was getting an HD release. That will be great to tide me over although I know next to nothing about that game other than that it's related to XIII and XV, being part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe.

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@bigjeffrey Wow... that gif is absolutely incredible. I need this game.

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Nope. I have the same thing and it doesn't run pretty much any new games. It's a mid-late 2012 card, and integrated at that, so it's not going to run a lot of newer games. It does run some though! Diablo 3 runs wonderfully on it.

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Unfortunately I don't see it happening.