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@fordroog: Haven't played Beyond Two Souls but honestly I have heard nothing but negative things about. Add that to the fact that it's a David cage game and it's something I don't see myself playing, ever haha.

@mintyice: That was going to be my answer too. Skyrim was still a good game (though with a ton of faults and IMO a huge step back from the previous entries), but HR beat it out for me because I thought it was just pure garbage.

@alexw00d: Yeah, Fez was definitely a game people cared about when it came out.

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By a long shot, Heavy Rain. Man, I thought that game was utter shit.

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I haven't played Awakening yet, can someone explain why there is a male and female option for him/her?

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This game was the coolest thing I saw at E3. I'm not even sure if it was announced before then but man, as soon as I saw it at the MS conference I knew it would be a day one buy for me. What a great looking game, glad to hear they're spending a lot of time on it.

I still sort of find it hard to believe that they can pull of a full game with this level of quality of graphics ... it would be awesome to be proven wrong though. Do we know anything about the developers?

How so? The backgrounds are pretty static and just look to use a few layers for the depth. Just look at Rayman Origins/Legends. They made full games out of that. All they really have to do is nail that old 1930's style.

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Sure it looks great but we literally have no idea how it will play or even what kind of game it is. I don't get the love surrounding this game, it seems really premature to place so much on this when we know nothing about it. The amount of questions in your OP proves this.

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Oh wow this is kind of the same franchise as Sins of a Solar Empire? Loved that game.

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O'Halloran - my last name. Some friends call me O'Hoolahan...

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To be honest I think he's being completely unreasonable. I just lie to my grandmother when she asks if I'm still playing "those games". My parents at this point realize it's something more than just a hobby to waste time on - I have been lucky to have people in my life (other relatives, guys who married into the family, etc) who play games and all of us are different people. It's just something we love doing, and people need to realize that. Thankfully my parents already have, but not my grandparents.

If I were you I would try to find other people in your life who aren't lazy and who also play games and use them as an example.

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Thank you for this! I watch a lot of anime shows, but in comparison the amount of movies is quite low (probably something between 10-15). I will make sure to check these out!

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I think it's been around 2 years now.