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Still Alive by FAR. Want You Gone just seems like a desperate attempt to match Still Alive's greatness. The lyrics aren't really funny or witty or anything, and the music brings with it this sense of over-exertion, like Coulton tried way too hard.

I said in another thread that it sounds like Coulton had a lot of pressure trying to come up with a song that would inevitably fit into the same role in this game as Still Alive did in Portal. And that pressure made the song inferior, or less inspired. 

It's not even catchy! Still Alive was FULL of awesome little references and GlaDOS's personality absolutely shone through the lyrics, on top of the awesome little beat it had going. Want You Gone instead has a more conventional and slow paced lyrical style which doesn't really have anything interesting going for it. Again, it just feels like he tried to match Still Alive but didn't end up getting there at all.
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I really think "Want You Gone" sucks. There is nothing catchy about it and it sounds to me like Coulton felt very pressured from the success of Still Alive that he felt like he needed to 1-up it. Usually, when an artist feels like that the end product is inferior and I feel it's the same way this time around.

The turrets did feel extremely tacky too. Like it was kind of unnecessary or something. Every other part about the ending though was amazing. I don't really see how people are calling this game "brilliant" and "genius", maybe I don't get a lot of the references or something? I am massive fan of all of Valve's other work (HL1, HL2, the episodes, Portal, and a bit of TF2) yet still don't really know which references you guys are talking about.

The gameplay a lot of the time fell back on the same old momentum trick, but I won't hold that against them because the game was much longer than Portal 1 and there is only so much you can do with one gun in a game.

Overall it's a good game I just definitely don't think it deserves the ridiculously good scores it's getting. I beat it in probably 6 hours which is ridiculous; I'm just glad I borrowed it and not bought it.
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Definitely the Borealis part.

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So Chell could be Caroline's daughter? Maybe even Cave and Caroline's daughter?

It would fit with the "Bring your daughter to work day" and the whole adopted thing. Caroline may have adopted Chell or maybe Caroline gave her up for adoption.
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I could actually handle Oblivion's re-used dungeons because often there were different objects set up through them so there would be new equipment, etc. 

As long as it's not as bad as the embarrassment that was Dragon Age 2, I'm happy.
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Some bullshit infinitely-spawning and infinitely shooting Nazis in The Saboteur killed me.

Howcome open world games always feature enemies that just spray bullets without reloading? It's like a fountain of bullets seriously.
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@H2Oyea said:
" This is going to sound sexist, but just think of ALL THE FUCKING WOMEN that have been shoved in as the protagonists for video games released in the last few years (especially Japan) : I'm not gay, but LESS GIRLS IN MAH VIDJA GAEMS PLZ!!!!!  "
I feel like the guys they would make would just be generic as hell too. Every single male protagonist from JRPGs this gen was TERRIBLE with the exception of Kaim (Lost Odyssey) and MAYBE Capell (Infinite Undiscovery).
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I love Tri Ace games so naturally I'd probably love this. Resonance of Fate was my favorite RPG of 2010 too so it's nice to see that connection.

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@Slaker117 said:
" @xyzygy: You and me, we understand each other. "
I guess we share a bond unlike any other =)
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Here in Nova Scotia we don't have anything like earthquakes or tornadoes. Well we do get tornadoes but they are very rare and very small. Like honestly I can't think of any natural disasters I could possibly be affected by, unless it's something like a Mudslide (which can be ridiculously disastrous) but I've never even heard of them around here.