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I also have a story, but it's from a while ago. I'm 25 now and this happened when I was 17. I had a best friend for two years who had just moved to my super small village from Germany. Where I'm from in Canada, Germans are moving in because there is simply so much space that they don't have in Germany. Anyway, it was awesome to finally have someone to hang out with around me (I still had lots of friends at school). So we hung out a lot, but I developed this weird attachment to him and got super clingy and paranoid and just basically became a shitty person. I wanted to be around him all the time, but obviously that wasn't good. He was still good to me though. He even took to me to Germany with him and his family for Christmas. Sometimes he would get upset with me depending on how I'd act, but most of the time we were just really happy around each other when it was just us.

I started teaching him guitar, he bought a guitar and we would play together, and show each other what we learned when we were away from each other. We'd play PS2 all day or watched movies and went bicycling to ungodly far areas. It was really fun. I haven't touched a bike since those days now.

Eventually I think what got to him was that I was getting too worked up and controlling, because one day after we got back from Germany he called me up and told me I was boring and hung up on me. I don't get where the boring part came from because we always had fun, but a month later on I found out that him and his family were moving out West to Alberta. I'm not sure exactly what happened but part of me thinks that he used that as an excuse because he didn't want to say goodbye. I also didn't want to say goodbye, so when his family had a goodbye dinner at my house (both our parents were/are still very good friends) I didn't leave my room. My mom came to get me a few times but I told her to go; she could see how confused I was. I would still see him in school for the remainder of the year, and it was really awkward when we'd pass each other in the hallway. I remember this one time it was just the two of us in the main entrance, and the way he looked at me. I still don't understand that look. Anyway, that was the last I saw him and his last thing I heard him say was that I was boring. I still think he thinks of me from time to time just as I still think of him, and on some degree I do think that he cut off ties because he knew he was leaving. But at the same time I was super shitty to him at times and in public, and sometimes I would ridicule him for hanging out with certain people, which I am very sorry for. I have been too scared to ask his parents for his email for the past 8 years but I know I will someday. But it probably won't matter by then because we were both just stupid teenagers and hopefully he'll also see it that way. I'm not the same person as I was back then, as I'm sure he isn't the same as well. I kind of wish I could see him now because I know we'd get along.

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I also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, but thankfully I've only ever had 3 in my life, all in the past 2 - 3 years. Not sure how that ratio "ranks" in terms of severity. My last one was actually last month. Depression is an obvious stem from that, but I basically let my friends know kind of bluntly, and they were really supportive. I guess I was lucky that way. I was reclusive for a good year and a half while I was figuring out what was wrong with me and I think it actually did me good to have time to myself where I just thought peacefully. I now have 4 or 5 circles of friends and there's always someone who is willing to hang out. Just try to let your friends know what is going on in your life.

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I lost all of my friends at once over a stupid misunderstanding: My friends accused me of being gay (Because I didn't have a girlfriend) and drug me up to the high school's rooftop and proceeded to beat the sh*t out of me till I nearly fell unconscious and one of them started to strangle me to finish me off. I gathered all my remaining strength and threw him off the roof and promptly passed out. I have never talked to them since and never understood they're sudden immediate need to try and kill me. I've had a hard time making real world friends since that incident. I don't feel like I can trust anyone but I've managed to make a few friends since then. If I can make a couple friends after having everyone I know try and kill me, you can make up with a friend you got angry at.

So... Agoraphobia? Maybe talk to someone about it, do you have any family members who could help you? I've locked myself up in my own house for weeks at a time just because I don't want to interact with the world or I'm in a video game worm hole. Perhaps you could go out with a friend / family member and go to a quite place and slowly acclimatize yourself to the outside world?

It's hard to believe stuff like this still happens. Is it OK if I ask what country this happened in? I am sorry man, but it's their dumb mistake. There are good people out there, trust me. That group definitely wasn't them.

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@jesus_phish: I actually just beat P4G yesterday and my total first playthrough took 115 hours. It's hands down the longest JRPG I've ever played. So be prepared to spend a lot of time in Inaba. Thankfully the game is super awesome.

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Is this only for NA? The EU store has been having an Easter sale since about a week and a half or so... does EU also have the flash sale or just the Easter one?

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@jesus_phish: Tales games are usually VERY similar and full of stereotypical anime junk. Usually it doesn't get to the point where the girls end up talking about their measurements and boob sizes, but there are just so many tropes that are repeated and honestly they get extremely tiring to play.

Now I love anime, but I think I'm also keen enough to know when an anime is junk. A lot of the Tales games are like this. The two most desirable ones for me are Vesperia and Symphonia. This is a sentiment I've seen and heard from others as well. Graces and Xilia are just absolute slogs, in terms of characters and story.

As for Danganronpa and Disgaea, I actually haven't played either of them before.

And you should get P4G. :P

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I am kind of against buying consoles when they're new because of the inevitable drought. But by the time Fall comes around you'll have a nice library to pick from, especially when all the 2014 games are released. I say go for it.

@syed117: Man, those people are the worst. I will never understand blindly defending a company like that. It's like being an unpaid spokesman or something.

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Awesome. Will definitely be picking up Tales, but I'm wondering what people thought of it? To be honest I haven't heard much about the Japanese version or even the original DS version.

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Says Brathwaite, "I can find twenty things that I didn't like about how Kanji was portrayed, such as the game's juvenile nature in dealing with his sexuality, but there is a part of me that is thrilled there is a gay character in a game and that a game would portray how they are dealing with their inner struggles and interactions with friends."

But he's not a gay character. No one will ever know if he was into guys because there are no scenes where he is with one or interested in one. The only thing close is his interest in a girl dressed as one.

I don't think the game had a juvenile nature at all in dealing with it. He was scared if he liked "effeminate" things that's how the world would see him. It's his stereotype, not the game designer's.

Officially, it's never been said what he actually is. Atlus said they left it open to the character, so we can decide based on our opinions. Source. So you're wrong and right at the same time, I guess.

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@xyzygy: I'm not sure how a game having serious commentary on issues and feeling emotions for the characters in the game are related.

What? You were the one who brought up the dumb banana headed whatevers in here. It's a video game, we all realize that it's fiction, but how a story and how the characters are portrayed also matters in relation to the mood the game sets.

@marokai: I would argue that Yosuke's ignorant behaviour and comments are actually glorified as he and Teddie are probably the two main comic relief characters in the game, but whatever. Good post. I don't consider myself an activist type, I was just really weirded out by how Kanji and Naoto ended up in the game. I'm glad that I'm not alone on that, I just think it's really shitty how they developed their characters, that's all. I'm not crying for change or anything, I'm just saying, "For shame".

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Yeah, Persona 4 is really anti-LGBT if you think about it just a little bit. The subtext is that homosexuality and gender dysphoria are the result of people being a little confused over unrelated problems in their lives. They are, in other words, not real. Pretty problematic, to say the least. If this game had been made by BioWare or Obsidian, it would have been raked over the coals.

I was also getting these vibes too. Bringing up these super heavy themes of gender and sexual identification, REAL issues that youth are facing today, and to use it as the backdrop for the enemy in a dungeon, only to forget it and pass it off as the equivalent to the characters going through a phase? It's completely ignorant.

It's almost as if looking for serious commentary in a game where you go into the evil TV land to fight monsters like Disco Eye-ball, Dominatrix Banana-head, and Stripper Satellite-face is a dumb thing to do.

There needs to be some humanity, you can't just disconnect stuff like this when characters are trying to stir emotions in you like they do in P4. Your comment is completely illogical and shitty.