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your best bet is probably to get the 4GB 360 and then buy the Hard Drive seperately. If I'm not mistaken it's a little cheaper that way. Or maybe it's a little more expensive... can't remember. Just look it up. If it's more expensive than the 250GB 360, just get that. But yeah you can use that cable to just transfer all your save data, profile data, games - everything on your HDD will go onto the new one like nothing ever happened.

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This is really thinking ahead because the next game might not be until 2016 or some crazy year. But I think the southern regions where the Argonians are from would be interesting.

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@teh_pwnzorer: I would upload one if I had the game but like I said it was at Wal Mart. They had a demo of it going, I literally just raced around for like 45 seconds then my sister wanted to go home. lol. Maybe I didn't play for long enough to notice anything. But those videos show horrible lag and I think I would have noticed it right off the bat
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@Video_Game_King: Wow, you really like to generally discuss.
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I'm not sure if this really counts as a big surprise or not but after hearing all the negative things about FFXIII, It wound up being my second favorite game in the series after VI. Also I was really surprised with how much I loved Alan Wake. I was half expecting that game to be a short mess of a game but it ended up being a lengthy, amazingly well written and beautiful looking game. My favorite game of 2010. 

Honorable mentions for best surprise favorites in gaming are:

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
The Darkness
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@EvilNiGHTS: Is online required for the co-op in this game? Because I see they removed that too. I just don't know if the co-op can be played offline or not.
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@HandsomeDevil said:

" Mass Effect. How anyone can say they enjoyed playing that game over Mass Effect 2 is one of the great mysteries of our time.  "

There are many reasons... well, for me at least.

Looking through this thread makes me glad that I'm able to appreciate a lot of games for what they are. Many people are just way too critical of games these days.
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I used to love this cereal as a kid but they stopped selling it! I was so mad, I was just getting into it but then they stopped. My next favorite to these is Count Chocula. SO GOOD.

I'm in Canada too by the way.

What other types of food does Canada have that the US doesn't? I've been hearing Ketchup Chips, Aero bars, Coffee Crisp (I feel bad for you guys in this one)
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@p_p_o_d said:


on the plus side all this talk from him about how new hardware needs to be cutting edge kind of lays my fears of the ps4 being a slightly redesigned ps3.  (like the gamecude was to wii)

Where did you get this idea from? Neither Sony nor MS would ever settle for hardware that is only a slight upgrade from their previous installment. Nintendo is a different story because the marketing was more focused on the motion controls rather than the graphics improvements.

@Jimbo: I would actually love it if there was a Sony/MS hybrid console. There'd be that and then Nintendo's offerings which would be a nice change from the hybrid system. I can only dream though
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Only played a few minutes of it at a retailers but it was on 360 and was nothing like that. I actually thought it felt pretty good.