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Looks awesome thanks for showing this! Definitely gonna look into it more

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If I remember correctly they're not there when you go through it again, but you can easily fix that by deleting a saved game. However, did you know that when playing the game on Hard and Nightmare there are rare pages that only show up in those difficulties? They're actually the more interesting ones.

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It is so hard to find a new main. I ALWAYS go back to Guile because I just can't get over his awesome defensive moves and the amazing reach of a few of his moves. When I get bored of him I feel like I need someone else but I don't even know where to start. 

I really wanted to main C. Viper but man her timing is so weird for me.
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Howcome ever since Mass Effect 2 Sheperd looks so weird in all the promotional items? 

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@Nexas: It may seem like that because you constantly had to fight mages who used it, but that's why you had to fight them in the first place. Because they used it. Don't forget there are hundreds of other mages in the Circle that we don't even see. With that considered there's definitely a majority of mages who don't actively use Blood Magic. That's like saying Kirkwall is inhabited by Dragons because you fought a few outside the city walls. The only reason you see so many is because it's a game and... you need to kill something.
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No that just sounds stupid and overpowered. Dual Hammers? Dual Rockets? Dual Warthogs? Way too many things to consider going wrong.

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I'd really be happy in France with the next game. I was actually hoping for either Russia, England or France so it's awesome by me! But something about the art on that doesn't look very Assassin's Creed-y. They don't usually show off such mystical things in the art... the "mysterious" part of the game is always kept very secret. I mean look at the end of AC2. Who the hell seen that coming?

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@StarvingGamer: Man I totally forgot about the Circle. I was so wrapped up in Templars/Chantry that they slipped my mind. That is definitely a huge part of it
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" @xyzygy said:

" I actually agreed with Anders, the Chantry was just being controlled by that whore Meredith and she was killing mages left right and center. There really was no other way to retaliate than to give them a taste of their own medicine. I'm all for diplomacy but Meredith was absolutely off her rocker and I feel that Anders knew that this was the only way he could actually fight.  Meredith brought it all on herself just by being the dumbass that she is. Maybe if she wasn't crazy and murdered mages for a living Anders wouldn't have gone to such lengths.   "

The Chantry is not Meredith.  Anders didn't attack Meredith, he attacked a neutral third party to force Meredith's hand.  He says it straight out, he doesn't want a compromise, he's using everyone (including Hawke) to start a war. "
Duh, the Chantry isn't Meredith. It clearly states many times that the Templars, under her rule, were rising above the Chantry and basically going nuts on the whole Blood Mage thing. 
While the Chantry may be a neutral third party, the Templars are equal to the Chantry (in theory, but not under Meredith's rule) and it's the next best thing that Anders could get close to to prove a point. That's the point of terrorism - to express or prove a feeling of rebellion through violence. The Templars are supposed to be the military order of the Chantry. Meredith was fucking off and doing her own thing, which happened to be borderline genocide. And the Chantry didn't want to take sides - everytime you ask the Grand Cleric her opinion on the whole matter she never ever takes sides. It's obvious that Meredith knew she had power over them, No where in my post did I say that Meredith was the Chantry. And how can you say he didn't attack Meredith? Of course he was attacking Meredith, it was payback for all the mages she's killed in her genocidal rampage and it was the only option left open for him. There is obviously no reasoning with someone as mad as Meredith. If you can't attack her directly under her strict guard, attack the next thing that would make an impact - the Chantry. And I also didn't say that he wasn't trying to start a war. Don't know where you're pulling this from.

In Anders' position, it was either do what he did, or sit there and die along with every other Mage in and around Kirkwall.
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I remember seeing this come up as a new game on XBL a few weeks back. I looked into it and apparently it's a game developed in "labs" at Microsoft, in an attempt to have a computer be a challenging foe for the game. Apparently it was a hard task and they succeeded. 
I'm not talking about the board game, I'm talking about the XBL game. I repeat: Microsoft did not invent the game Go