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I know, what I was the most pissed off about was Silent Hill. I only had an Xbox and Gamecube last gen and when I got to play SH2 it ended up being one of my favorite games of all time. Then SH3 come out and it's on PC and PS2.

Thankfully though, I played SH3 a few years back and it turned out to be the shortest, tamest, and least interesting horror game I've ever played with the worst villain and protagonist in the series.
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Mass Effect 1 and Lost Odyssey. The period from Winter '07 to Summer '08 was the best gaming era of my life largely in part to these two games.

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Jet Set Radio Future blows everything in this thread out of the water
Except maybe not Wind Waker, they both blow everything else out of the water

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I rarely social smoke. I like the feeling it gives me, but I get sick if I smoke too much. Too much is like, more than 5 drags. I don't know how smokers can actually smoke without getting sick. I've tried it and it's a no go.

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I played almost half of the story campaign in one night (well I think it was almost half) with a buddy and we didn't experience anything like this. And this was on a 360 S but the game was installed.

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@RockAction: Actually that's what I'm saying - ME2 isn't really about the Mass Effect universe, it's about the characters. ME1 focused on the universe way more and 2 focuses on the party members you get.
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Oh yeah! what he said about the sales. I've seen these things go on sale often and I've gotten all the DLC while it was on sale, and right now I'm waiting for Arrival to go on sale (probably sometime in the summer if not earlier) to play them all. By the end of the day I would probably have paid less than 20 dollars for all the DLC because of the sweet sales they go on.

And also, if you're looking to expand the story and universe from the first game, just be prepared that ME2 is basically ALL about the characters. There is almost nothing added to the universe-wide story arc and there's not even really a concrete villain. It's the characters that keep this game going. Personally I liked ME1 better because of that.
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@RockAction: You play for a bit at the beginning, then switch to the second disc which is where the game becomes a bit more open. Then the finale is back on the first disc. It makes sense and it works because the majority of your time is spent on the 2nd disc. If you've played Star Ocean 4 on the 360 you'll know what I mean by, "it works".
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@Snapstacle: I'm fairly certain I know which incident that PM is from anyway. I might even know who it was sent too, too :P
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You can get pretty much all that stuff in Canada, so... nothing really.

@PixelPrinny said:
" We've got all those things in good ol' Canadia... well cept the giant flags. Canada's not huge on patriotism and chances are if you see a building flying a Canadian flag, they're probably flying about a dozen other province/country flags as well.

What really? If you go walking around Halifax and look in people's windows I see tons of Canadian flags. Also, we have peeping toms.