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Well hey, at least they don't have it as bad as Limewire

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I only wish that what you say about the Tales games being localized and their success were true. They still need to get Graces F and Xillia doesn't have a NA release planned, if I'm not mistaken.

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I love the beginning of A Clockwork Orange, with Alex's classic Kubrick Stare. I'm also very fond of the Staredown at the end of the Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

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i love this game so much. I completed absolutely everything there is to do and I still want MORE!

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Looks awesome thanks for showing this! Definitely gonna look into it more

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If I remember correctly they're not there when you go through it again, but you can easily fix that by deleting a saved game. However, did you know that when playing the game on Hard and Nightmare there are rare pages that only show up in those difficulties? They're actually the more interesting ones.

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It is so hard to find a new main. I ALWAYS go back to Guile because I just can't get over his awesome defensive moves and the amazing reach of a few of his moves. When I get bored of him I feel like I need someone else but I don't even know where to start. 

I really wanted to main C. Viper but man her timing is so weird for me.
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Howcome ever since Mass Effect 2 Sheperd looks so weird in all the promotional items? 

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@Nexas: It may seem like that because you constantly had to fight mages who used it, but that's why you had to fight them in the first place. Because they used it. Don't forget there are hundreds of other mages in the Circle that we don't even see. With that considered there's definitely a majority of mages who don't actively use Blood Magic. That's like saying Kirkwall is inhabited by Dragons because you fought a few outside the city walls. The only reason you see so many is because it's a game and... you need to kill something.
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No that just sounds stupid and overpowered. Dual Hammers? Dual Rockets? Dual Warthogs? Way too many things to consider going wrong.