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@Dtat: What's it like where the teeth used to be? Will they forever be holes or is it like a cave kinda thing?

@MisoRonery: Sorry buddy, couldn't tell you. I'm in Canada and all I need is to be insured under my parents and everything is taken care of. I can't imagine it would be TOO expensive though, it's not like putting braces on or anything.
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I just got back from the dentist: He's taking my two bottom wisdom teeth out! My top two are in and fit perfectly so it's just the bottom they're worried about. I feel so much happier! But still am in a lot of pain... :P

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Man 1: "I have 9 dollars in 4 Toonies and 1 Loonie for you, here! Take it!"

Man 2 : "Actually I'd just prefer a 10 or 5 piece bill."

Man 1: 

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I hope YOU'RE on the Bombcast

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@Spoonman671 said:

" @xyzygy:  Jack Tretton isn't an analyst.  His intentions are very obvious and that's why I find it so bizarre that people have taken his statement so seriously. "

Oh I know who he is, in the blog though the creator mentions these analysts and their predictions.

@phish09: Oh ok no worries then :) On GB, when you see the words (Blog Post) beside a thread it usually means that there is gonna be a bit more reading than a normal thread. The user just decided to post his blog to the forums as well. I know what you mean about the short but sweet replies though, they work wonders :)
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You can only delete the game if you have 0 points.You're really willing to get rid of it just because it doesn't end in a 5 or 0? Weird.

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Man I totally know what you mean about when analysts say that such and one console is going to take over another. They get revised SO many times, it doesn't matter one bit. The last I heard was that because of the Kinect the 360 is supposed to stay ahead, and before that the PS3 was definitely going to take the lead. Actually no, the most recent thing I heard was that the 360 is supposed to catch up to the Wii in the Americas this year. 

Like WTF are these analysts on?

@phish09 said:

" That was a very roundabout way of simply saying "Adults can also enjoy the DS.  I am an adult and I enjoy mine.".  In fact, you can delete your post if you'd like and replace it with that sentence and probably a lot more people will read it.  Just sayin'.  

And novels are also very roundabout ways of saying "Man has dilemma, man overcomes dilemma, man has happy ending." Anything can be minimized to that, it's the journey that takes you to the end that matters.
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Howcome the quicklook didn't mention anything about this so called lag? The videos in this thread make it look terrible but the GB guys play as if nothing is wrong.

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Can't he just release the data under an anonymous name? He'd be a fool to keep releasing info under his Geohot name. I doubt that he's just gonna stop.

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@rflx said:
" First, make dentist appointment, ASAP. That should frankly have been your first move, instead of asking the internet for advice.
It was the weekend, my dentist isn't opened on the weekend. I called firs thing this morning. And they got me in for today! I go in in a few hours

@fr0stb1te: Wow thanks for all that advice! I totally forgot about Orajel and I didn't know that you can take Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen art the same time. I just did. Hopefully it'll be good for until I go to see the doc in a few hours.