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This was actually really hard. I'm using such a wide variety of characters in this game because I honestly feel like they've perfected nearly every character. Diddy, Ness, Sheik, Duck Hunt, Cpt. Falcon, Zelda, Robin, Shulk, and Peach are all characters I switch back and forth from, but I'm almost unstoppable with Ness because I have the PK Thunder Self-Projectile down to a science. It's an insane threat to others, and no other Ness I've played against online (I've played about 500 online matches so far) has even got the Thunder projectile itself down. You gotta make them think that you rely on the self-projecting and range, then they get in close and surprise them with a knowledge of his close-up moves.

But Diddy's air game is just fantastic. I love how fast and snappy his air moves are and he's such a tricky character to play against that I feel like I piss people off sometimes.

Other than that, and despite the ridiculous amount of time I spend with this game, I still haven't really tried a lot of the characters. I know that Bowser is high on my list of characters to try out next.

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TW2 is one of the most balanced RPGs I've ever played. This makes me just want to play through it again.

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The patch has been delayed for all consoles by a few days, but I played around in Unity a bit last night and it's completely playable. Hell, I'm actually very impressed with how much I'm enjoying the game after all the bad news this game's been getting. Maybe the brunt of that stuff is aimed towards the PS4 version because most people have PS4s, because the X1 version seems fine. I ran around all night collecting things and learning the new systems, the game feels totally different than any other AC game. All the while, no bugs and the game looks and runs beautifully.

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There already is something like this available for Windows 8, this is not new. It's called Games. You clikc it and can go see your friends, achievements, the store, etc. Adding the feeds and stuff is a no brainer since the X1 has it and the Games app is built obviously around the 360.

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It makes more sense for Sony to buy them, but they have no money right now and I don't think they're in a position to do that. Microsoft however would get a huge foothold in Japan if they bought them.

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Man, I love this game. Might have to pick it up.

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@steveurkel: Wasnt Dead Rising 3 only on Xbox and PC? Now PS has theirs

I'd say that's a pretty big difference. Dead Rising is actually a series that is associated with Xbox, the first having been exclusive and the second game having exclusivity deals with Microsoft. That's a far cry from how many platforms and the audience that Street Fighter has had over its 20 year history.

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This is most likely timed - and I'd be ok with that. Sony does need some games. But if it's not timed, I can definitely understand the feelings of disappointment. This series is so important and has been around for years and is one of the most recognizable and lauded franchises of all time. Excluding the Xbox One is just strange.

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I really can't see this being a permanent exclusive, this series is a staple in... well, the entire culture of video games. It's one of the most recognized and widely played series of all time. How can Microsoft afford to let this slip? I'm kind of disappointed because I won't be getting a PS4 until way later...

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What is performance on Xbox One like? I got the bundle the other day because it was ridiculously cheap and I'm only playing through black flag now. I think it'd be best to know what performance is like before I jump in and if it'll be better to wait until the next patch. Black Flag is massive so it'll take me a while anyway.