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I do, I think he looks different and I like it.

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Probably won't have a PS4 by the time it comes out, so PS3.

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While it's exciting it's coming to PS4, let's be real... they're both probably going to look and play exactly the same with the PS4 just having a higher resolution. I can't wait to play this.

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Yeah, Agatha's inclusion is really dumb. She's such a stupid character. I feel like they included her because she's semi-lolita and it catered to that certain weird-ass crowd. Groose had a legitimate story arc, and a very good one at that, and is one of the only characters in the Zelda universe to actually develop in a meaningful way. I think he'd be a neat addition. I could see him using weapons like gadgets and gizmos that he built.

All the characters that I wanted are actually already in the game, save Groose. Ghirahim was who I wanted the most and he's there. I would also like to see Demise but with the unconfirmed connection between him and Ganondorf, they'd would probably end up being too similar. I like how they designed Ganondorf to slightly resemble Demise though, that's a really nice compromise.

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Funny this thread would pop up after me just starting my Hero Mode file today, but I don't think they overdid the Imprisoned. It actually reminded me a lot of how you'd have to return to the same temple in Phantom Hourglass over and over, but on a much smaller scale. Skyward Sword is my favorite Zelda but this was probably my least favorite part about the game - though it wasn't necessarily bad. It's been a while since I played it but I do remember him getting more difficult each time you fought him. I am kind of nervous about Hero Mode because man, I can see it being actually really tough. I am getting really big Souls vibes from Skyward Sword on Hero Mode - I can imagine The Imprisoned will hit hard and be more worthwhile in this mode.

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Definitely getting this. I like how this came right after Nintendo said that they are done catering to passive casual gamers. What a way to prove it! Can't wait.

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I really don't see this as an issue. Why are people so angry? This is great news, the game is awesome. I really don't think people were "expected" to upgrade to an XL or downgrade to a 2DS when those came out. They were just variations of the classic 3DS.

As someone said above me, this has happened before with the GBC and the DSi, and people didn't put up a stink back then. This is just another example of people giving a company shit because they're not doing what they want them to do. Nintendo and Microsoft really have it hard these days with being unable to please whiny gamers.

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I think it's not too bad when you consider that it's bundling a new game with it. I was honestly expecting something like this anyway. If they made it 99 dollars, then what's the difference between buying a Kinectless-X1+ Kinect and the Kinect X1 bundle? Of course it is going to be more expensive than 99 bucks because they want people to look at the Kinect X1 bundle, too, and makes more sense that way.

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Wow, they are actually using MKV. I am so damn glad and surprised. Good on you MS.