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battlestar galactica.

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I think it'll be between Dark Souls 2, Mordor, and Forza Horizon 2.

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I am VERY interested in this game and have been for years. I heard that the PS3 version uses CDs that you own to make your own games with it - what does the Vita version offer that's comparative? Can it use MP3s that are stored on your memory card? What are the reasons to owning the Vita version over the PS3 version? I really want the Vita version because it's portable, but with only 7 songs I don't see this game being at all a very good investment. The PS3 version lets you use your own music.

Then again, I haven't really played the game and don't know if the whole CD thing is essential or not. Would the Vita version be worth it? Hell, I can't even find any information on if it's cross-buy or not. Is it?

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There's no way that's final, the text looks like the default Notepad font and the jumping and general moving animations are absolutely horrid. When the name of an area comes up it looks so basic, I can't get over how bad that font is.

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BSG is my favorite series, followed by Lost. So BSG. I thought Lost was excellent for it's entirety, and don't understand when people say it floundered after the first couple seasons.

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There will be Forza Horizon 2 (which isn't a super realistic driving sim, as you mentioned in your post), Sunset Overdrive, Ori and the Blind Forest, and D4 released for Xbox One by the time Bloodborne comes out. I'm personally making my decision based off of that, even though I do really want Bloodborne.

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While I played the 3DS version and thought it was quite good, I can never imagine myself purchasing that version. Screen is way too small and you can't share it with friends on one television, how I think SSB is meant to be played.

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I really liked fighting the Long Gui in XIII. It seems that massive creatures like him are back in XV so I hope he makes an appearance.

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I totally forgot this game even came out.

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Why does such a weirdo like Don Mattrick have to be Canadian...