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What is performance on Xbox One like? I got the bundle the other day because it was ridiculously cheap and I'm only playing through black flag now. I think it'd be best to know what performance is like before I jump in and if it'll be better to wait until the next patch. Black Flag is massive so it'll take me a while anyway.

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Well this is terrifying.

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Definitely not. The name itself just means playable teaser. That's like giving a film teaser the award for best film at the oscars.

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I think this also could confirm that Nintendo is making new adapters? If they're pushing the delivery date back by 3 weeks, that must mena they're expecting more adapters to be made.

@gunslingerpanda: In my case, and it's probably the same with others, the adapter is needed for 8 player smash. I am playing on the Wii U Gamepad and I think it works like a charm, it's a really great controller for smash. But when I want to get 8 people playing and I have 5 Gamecube controllers lying around (in addition to my two Wii Pro controllers), it's good to actually be able to use those controllers.

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I hope she comes at some point.

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I think I remember reading that the writing and voice acting for the game was actually done in English first. I wonder if that means that the developers consider the English Bayonetta to be their ideal version of the character.

It's just crazy over the top and ridiculous and that's what I love about it.

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I've played 169 matches and in about 5 of them I've had noticeable lag, and one of those 5 was absolutely nightmarish. I'd say that's a pretty good number though. The online is really incredible.

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I'm using the Gamepad right now because the adapters are sold out everywhere. It works really great and it actually very comfortable.

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There is no way they're planning on not making any more adapters. I called every single video game retailer in the city on Friday morning and they were sold out within an hour of opening, everywhere. I literally had strangers come up to me (seeing the blue game case in the bag) and ask if I was doing the same thing as them: looking for the adapter. The girl working at Wal Mart said they only got four and that I was probably the 20th person to come in and ask for it. This was at 10AM.

Nintendo will make more of these, don't worry. This is just the typical supply and demand thing. There is no way they would make so many controllers with only one batch of adapters and then stop producing them forever. Even Nintendo isn't that fucked up.

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Bayonetta 2 is the obvious choice of that list, with SoM coming in second.