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I've played 169 matches and in about 5 of them I've had noticeable lag, and one of those 5 was absolutely nightmarish. I'd say that's a pretty good number though. The online is really incredible.

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I'm using the Gamepad right now because the adapters are sold out everywhere. It works really great and it actually very comfortable.

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There is no way they're planning on not making any more adapters. I called every single video game retailer in the city on Friday morning and they were sold out within an hour of opening, everywhere. I literally had strangers come up to me (seeing the blue game case in the bag) and ask if I was doing the same thing as them: looking for the adapter. The girl working at Wal Mart said they only got four and that I was probably the 20th person to come in and ask for it. This was at 10AM.

Nintendo will make more of these, don't worry. This is just the typical supply and demand thing. There is no way they would make so many controllers with only one batch of adapters and then stop producing them forever. Even Nintendo isn't that fucked up.

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Bayonetta 2 is the obvious choice of that list, with SoM coming in second.

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ID: DrTchock

Mii Name: Madara

Time Zone: Atlantic (-4 GMT)

I find I'm playing a lot of Shulk, Duck Hunt, Sheik, Mega Man, and Robin.

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Can't wait until the game is fully fixed so I can play without any of the nonsense people seem to be putting up with. IF they fix it to that extent.

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I've been trying to edit the OP ever since I posted it because I meant to add an option C and change the descriptions, but "Whoops! Something happened and they've been working on it" ever since I clicked submit.

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Ryse is actually not that bad of a game and a little challenging when you play on the highest difficulty.

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On one hand I want to say that Nintendo is totally new to DLC and that this is something they need to experience first hand to see how bad it is... but on the other, it's just plain stupid and they really need to look at what the competitors have done to circumvent this.

What do you mean? I mean how is this any different then what any other studio does? If you don't buy a Call of Duty map pack, you can't play on those maps. If you don't buy Mario Kart 8 DLC, you don't play on the new maps or drive the new cars. I don't even understand what this story is trying to get at? I'm not one to defend Nintendo and their absolutely shitty job at handling online things, but in this case, this seems completely normal.

I've played numerous online games where you can actually see the downloaded costumes of other characters even if you don't have that costume. And with something like say Killer Instinct, you can still play online against people that own the characters you don't own (correct me if I'm wrong). From what the tweet in Patrick's OP says, it sounds like, for example, everyone would have to have the November DLC pack for someone to play as Link. Even though say 9 players purchased Link, no one can use him because the other one person doesn't have him. It's not like that one person can actually play as Link, he's just preventing the others from using their purchased content. That's the impression I'm getting from this.

I also think that Borderlands kind of does what I think this should do - obviously you won't be allowed to play on the new maps, but things like new characters and items and such could be handled via a compatibility pack (even if Borderlands got seriously out of hand with their compatibility packs). That way you can see the new content without having access to them and thus not limiting your game (with the exception of maps because that's obvious).