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Unfortunately I don't see it happening.

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Very smart move from both parties involved. If Notch was collapsing under the pressure of the name Mojang and Minecraft, then this is perfect - let a large corporation handle it while he can go do other things.

I wonder if he got to keep the Scrolls game though.

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Yeah, it'll probably be easy to find nominees.

But Dark Souls 2 is gonna win.

Can someone explain to me what it is about DS2 that people seem to not like? It reviewed well and I've heard so much great stuff about it, but for some reason on this site it has a bit of a negative air associated with it. What's the big deal? I haven't played it yet, but I am a huge fan of Dark and Demon's.

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I actually found MGS1 too be the least interesting (AKA most boring) of the entire series. It hit its prime with MGS2 and should have ended there because 2 was brilliant. Completely brilliant story and gameplay.

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Sony's online stuff is pretty wack. If your credit card address isn't absolutely perfect it'll reject it over and over again for what seems like no reason at all.

Yeah i needed to pay using paypal for the longest time, then one day my credit card just started working i have a problem with my bank that if i buy more than 2 games in quick succession (like during a sale) my card gets blocked lol. Cant win...

Not only that but it's completely backwards with region stuff too, I've been pretty vocal about this. With Xbox One you can change your region every 3 months. With PS4/3/Vita etc once you create that account you are locked to that region forever. It's completely bullshit. That Microsoft lets you change your region so freely and relatively often is baffling that Sony is so behind on this. This continues to affect me as I need to go through a 3 step process in order to buy anything from PSN, as I live in Canada but bought my Vita (and many downloadable games) in Germany.

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Still disappointed about no Lucas, but Shulk more than makes up for that.

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Hey guys, I'm just wondering how the 360 version of Destiny plays. I have heard almost nothing about the last gen version, there is another thread on here about the PS3 version but that's not what I'm looking for. Is it perfectly playable, what is missing, etc from your first few days with the game?

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@hunter5024: I consider it an evolution because it takes elements from the past and expands upon them. Whether that is for the good or for the bad is totally subjective, but I happen to love it because I found the combat system entirely skill based.

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@milkman: That is still very different. I'm talking about parity between new mobile phones that play games. My point is that Oculus is the main reason for that article, not Samsung. Oculus is in a whole other league than this and in a new, exciting field of gaming (regardless of how ridiculous the Gear VR is going to be)... whoever the fuck Oculus would have partnered with would have replaced Samsung's name in the article, simple as that. This right here is a yearly, expected, yet somehow exciting (?) new iPhone and gets a news article. Makes no sense.

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