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The Sunset Overdrive bundle looks like it could be cool.

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Wait, is Shulk a Link clone? I watched some of him fighting and noticed he as the same aerial down A and standing up A. But maybe I'm wrong. Tell me I'm wrong.

Edit: It's just that the video is such bad quality.

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Who is between Sheik and Toon Link?

Also where the is Lucas? He's my main...

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@jimbo said:

I enjoyed Sands, and Imma let you finish, but PoP '08 is one of the best games of the last generation.

Yup. True say. I forget about that game sometimes but it really is outstanding, completely blew my mind.

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Awesome. Thanks guys!

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PSN is having a crazy awesome sale right now but it seems like it's only for NA users. My predicament is: I do have a NA PSN account, but when I got my Vita in Germany I didn't know that for some god awful stupid ass reason you cannot switch regions with Playstation like you can with Xbox (in fact you can switch regions once every 3 months on Xbox - get with it PSN). So, I made a new EU account and now I have a lot of digital games and stuff on it; it's my main account. My NA one hardly got any use. BUT, unlike the Vita, you can have both of the accounts on a PS3. If I buy some of the PS3 games on the NA sale, can I access them with my EU account on the same PS3?

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I think Bayonetta is a great recommendation. It's just a really crazy, amusing game.

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Go to the Store and go to your download list. You will find where you bought Hotline Miami on your Vita there. Find the PS3 version that should be above/below it and download. I did the exact same thing and can confirm that it is cross-buy!

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I think anime is a genuinely great medium. Kill la Kill is excellent, just a really goofy, fun show aimed for older audiences. There is a lot of shit out there right now, most high school and ALL fan service stuff is pretty garbage I find.

Right now I'm really into One Piece (around episode 65, a really great show about friendship and adventure, it makes me feel like a kid watching it - in the best way possible) and Naruto Shippuden (caught up, it's a really great show), with a ton more on my list for when I am caught up in One Piece.

Also, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure might interest you. I haven't watched it fully yet but I have LOVED what I have seen.

Anime has such an ugly stigma attached to it and it's a shame. I tell people I watch anime with pride and I love their responses, haha.

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@rotnac: I don't know if my laptop will be able to handle it. It's a Lenovo Yoga - i5 3317U @ 1.70GHz, 8 GB RAM, Intel HD 4000.

So would you recommend me just waiting to play the X1 version when I get that? The updating thing sounds a little worrying to me. I wonder how long they will be updating the X1 version, too...