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The first and third shots are impressive as fuck. The second and fourth, not so much. Michael Transactions?! Come on Avalanche. We've been over this.

Wait, would Avalanche be doing this with Mad Max on their menu?

This is suspicious though... what kind of a forum is Xbox Underground? If you browse the website there are, as of this moment, only 2 threads on the entire site. Just Cause 3 screens being one of them.

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I would totally go for Sunset Overdrive if I was you. It's so far the coolest looking game to come out of this generation of consoles.

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I don't understand how Iwata can say that region locking requires so much effort while something like the Vita, a super portable handheld, can play any physical media bought in any country in the world (as far as I know at least - I buy games in Canada for my German Vita no problem).

When you are selling a region free Vita and a region locked 3DS in the same store, Iwata's Nintendo's previous stance to this kind of breaks apart.

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This site has been pretty bad for videos lately. My biggest problem is when trying to fullscreen videos and when increasing the quality. Other players from other gaming sites work perfectly (IGN for example) but Gamespot and Giantbomb almost make my computer freeze. It takes forever to actually go fullscreen and seems like it's so much unnecessary work for my computer to handle. Other video players give me absolutely zero issues.

Running Windows 8.1 on a fairly new laptop from early 2012.

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@zombiepie: Why did people have to talk you out of it? Was it super impulse or something? That bundle is quite a good deal though, that's definitely the one I want.

As @gamer_152 can explain I have the worst reasoning for owning a Kinect.

I just want it because it's there.

Yeah, that's a pretty weak reason :P The Kinect-less one is probably a better option.

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@zombiepie: Why did people have to talk you out of it? Was it super impulse or something? That bundle is quite a good deal though, that's definitely the one I want.

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I just don't see them doing it here. After the conversion, the current $400 CAD Xbox bundles up here are equivalent to $354~ USD, so we practically already have the discount in that sense. If it dropped to $350 I'd absolutely buy it, but considering they're already giving us a break by not raising the price to $450 like Sony did, I don't think they need to, and subsequently they likely won't.

This is very true, and honestly we are very lucky that they haven't increased the price like Sony did, but man how awesome would it be if they actually did...

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I've been pumped about Sunset Overdrive ever since the announcement.

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I think it's also worth noting that it's the weekend - it might be better to keep our eyes open during the week to see if there'll be a price drop.

It'd be really cool if we could use this thread to let people know if we hear about anything.

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Wow. That world looks stunning. Impressed with the car as well.

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What a disastrous game. I don't think I've ever witnessed such a terrible roll out.