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This is exactly why I'm getting Bayonetta for the 360 over the PS3. 
... except in Bayonetta's instance, it's graphics AND performance.

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@Whisperkill said:

happy birthday, mine is today as well

Yeah, I've never known anyone with the same birthday as me! Cheers to us! hehe
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@Branthog: Lol, I despise MW2, L4D type of games. I just get way too bored of them and find them pointless, I like RPGs because there is always something different you can do and there is always some sort of growth, whether it's through items or characters. 
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If anyone has found a + Find Rare Artifacts mod for a Hunter, and don't need it, I may have some things for trade. I won't list what I have now, because who knows what I will have when the times comes.

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Berserking is insanely fun - there's nothing like running up to Spiderants with a Corrosion artifact on and just watching the chaos that ensues.

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@Crixaliz: I'd be getting it on 360. 
@Diamond: Yeah, I love hard games. They make me frustrated, but I LIVE for that feeling when you accomplish something. Would you say that Dragon Age had around the same amount of talking as Rise of the Argonauts? That game was ALL talk and really detracted overall because the combat was so good.
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So there are really only two games that are/have come out recently that I want (Besides Borderlands, got it day one) - Demon's Souls and Dragon Age.  
1. Do you think Demon's Souls will be hard to come by later on? 
2. Is Demon's Souls story driven? I know that Dragon Age will be epic because, come on, It's BioWare. I was blown away by Mass Effect, KOTOR and Jade Empire. 
3. Is Demon's Souls long? BioWare is stating that the game can run up to 70 hours, and I usually take longer than what these predictions are (for instance, Borderlands was said to be about 50 hours and I got 70 hours from one character, Mass Effect was said around 30 and I got 50, etc).  
Both games look absolutely beautiful, but there is one thing that I didn't like about DA:O from the Quick Look - the inability to queue orders. 
From your experience of Demon's Souls, what are some redeeming factors? I have looked at many, many videos but I can't decide still.    
EDIT: I know I could look at a review, but I prefer personal input from gamers, not people who are paid to do it.

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@Video_Game_King: Hey, Aegis Wing's not THAT bad... when you're drunk with a few friends :P
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I'd say Berserker because when you finally get his Rocket Launcher proficiency up, it is devastating. Especially Corrosive rockets...

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Man this is actually awesome, more stats for guns! Hehe, hopefully it'll get patched.