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You should be totally fine, make sure its been at room temp though, thermal paste can handle alot more than sitting on the shelf ...... maybe your biggest worry is it feeling lonely.

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albaker said:
"Keep in mind that Gears of War is not that stable on PC, trust me I have it
i know what your talking about!!
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mrhankey said:
"roofy said:
"basically all you need today is minimum 500GB hard drive (still fairly small), 4GB of ram (minimum), and a monitor over 20''

anything else is preference
No no no. I'm sorry. 2gb of RAM will still do just fine. Get whatever monitor you so desire....and 500gb of hard drive space? I'd say 250 if you're casual and 500gb if you're hard core.
He has 2000 dollars to spend if he doesnt get 4gbs hes stupid, if he gets Vista then 4gbs is a must for smooth game play.
Nobility said:
"64-bit is fine but expect more success with present and future software rather then past.  You might also want to wait for Intel's new microarchitecture, it's been getting rave previews and is seen as a worthy successor to Core 2 Duo.

its probably going to be 30% quicker, as weve only seen Intel benchmarks for them which will be inflated. Intel may not even release it this year if AMD doesn't put anything good out, and anyways they will only be releasing the high end CPU's alongside the high end Mobo's.
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Definitely get the HD 4850

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sculsoldi3r said:
"albaker said:
"The ATI 3800 series is NOT better then the 9 series from nvidia

The only cards worth getting from ATI is either the 4850 4870 or wait for the 4870x2 which is a beast.
The 4850 has the best price/performance ration, its only about $195 on newegg and beats the 9800GTX.

if you want something cheaper then there's always the 8800GT which is now around $150, you can find one for less too and would give you AMAZING performance in high demanding games. If you want something even CHEAPER then get the 9600GT also very cheap and runs games decently.
8800 > 9600. Same price one cards like 3x better lol"
the 8800GT is not 3x time better, infact its no where near that much, the 8800GT just about edges past it by AVG 3-5, and in some tests the 9600GT beats it. The best price/performance card would the HD 4850 is has replaced the 8800GT (which don't get me wrong is still an alright card but out of 10 its definetly a 5 now)
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pause422 said:
"Nvidia is always ahead of ATI in terms of power for the most part,but people having problems with nvidia cards are way more common than ati cards. I've always gone with nvidia though and never really expierienced any problem.

No, in the X19xx vs 7 series days the ATI cards performed exceedingly better it was only really with the 8 series that nvidia out performed them.
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That will never be used because you CANNOT release a single player game but have to be loged into a server at all times, and anways this wont stop it just look at WOW you can just play private server and not have to pay.

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Dont get an 8800GT if you want a more long term card, yes its cheaper now but you don't want to be in a situation next year looking for another new card, the 8800GT was the best choice card last year...let me say that again..last year..this year a HD 4850 is by far a better buy.

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yorro said:
"ATI 4870X2 out weights any NVIDIA's new GX280.
it doesn't even just out weigh a single GTX 280 but beats it in  SLI in certain games. but anyways i go with what ever is best, ATI nor Nvidia pay me or give me extra if i stick with them so really why should i.
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albaker said:
"y0y0 said:
"sculsoldi3r said:
"y0y0 said:
"sculsoldi3r said:
"That cards rating is magical. Why didn't they put 9800gtx2 in there mmm?"
the HD 4870x2 outperforms the every single Nvidia dual or single Slot solution right now, including the 9800x2.
Ahh IC, by how much?"
The gap is quite big between the 9800GX2 and the HD 4870 X2 (As if even beats the GTX 280 SLI in some tests) , here are the benchmarks, http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=3354&p=4

lol thanks dont know how to link things yet...