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Always really enjoy reading your articles Patrick. You have a very engaging writing style. Great to hear that you're enjoying Inquisition so far, I hope you manage to see a decent enough chunk of it to talk about it on the end-of-year deliberation podcasts! Sounds like a game that deserves to be discussed, at the very least.

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Great stuff. Can't wait to see more content come 2015, and glad to hear you guys will be joining up with the others for end-of-year shenanigans (presumably including the GotY deliberations). I <3 GBeast.

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ummm...might seem like a dumb question....but who pays for all of this? CBS? adds? premium members? How does Giantbomb have SF, Chicago, NY?

Some combination of premium members, ads, and CBS cash I assume. I have no idea if GB makes a profit, but even if they don't big media companies are willing to take losses on "interactive" properties for awhile in hopes they'll turn into something bigger eventually.

Yeah, you nailed it. Jeff always mentions how joining with CBS allowed them to take advantage of the "spend money to make money" - but reiterates that the more GB makes through subs/ads the more CBS would be prepared to invest in them. Having said that, I can't imagine that this office itself was too high a cost for CBS as they are putting them in two rooms of a massive multimedia building.

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I actually think this year has been pretty decent. There's a bunch of games I want to include on my list, and I still have quite a lot I want to try and get finished by the end of December for my personal top ten.

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Thanks Alex. It's a shame, it showed so much promise but I don't think I can bring myself to play this. Which is odd because most of the things that are wrong here (aside from that chain wrestling business) wouldn't really affect the way I tend to play these games in recent years.

Man I'd love a good year-long story mode in the vein of old HCtP or early SvR though, because those were just the best. Or that old GM mode where you had to draft wrestlers, book matches, and beat the rival show in the ratings.

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You know I guess it's true to the source material and was mo capped or whatever, but I find it very strange in a video game to use animations for the "theatrical" wrestling where there pulling punches and throwing in ways to reduce how hurt you get etc.

It's an interesting debate. I tend to find myself more on Jeff's side - I want less of "here's the game of WWE if it was an actual competitive sport" and more a representation of the actual product.

I think that's why I always preferred Smackdown to the AKI games, because the latter always felt like too much like it was aiming to represent a sport and meant matches didn't really flow the way an "actual" pro wrestling match tends to. (Also their arms were separate entities as though they were action figures and I never got over that.)

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@shagge: Both the last two years games were pretty decent (2K13 and 2K14). My favourite in the series is still Here Comes the Pain on PS2, but that might be a bit old at this point to go back to, especially if it was during a time you weren't watching.

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Every time I talk about John Cena I feel compelled to mention that ol' three dicks line from Keep Frontin', so it made me incredibly happy to hear it come up here.

Thanks, Jeff.

The HHH restrictions always seemed strange to me, because the man has never really shied away from being hella beaten up within the confines of the show. Just one of those things, I guess. Actually the one thing that almost sells me on this game is all that dumb custom stuff, but that was better last year and it's not enough to make up for the other things that are awry here.

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Great review, Rorie! Nice to read something from you that isn't just administrative, too!

Definitely looking forward to picking this up soon. And personally I will say that for me (and a few of my friends) the recent discovery that they'd added a Mass Effect 3-style multiplayer mode may not have been necessary to sell me on the game (I wanted it already for the single player) but it did push it right up my priority list.

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I am 100% down for more Far Cry 3 in a new world with different characters.

Elephants too. Though those birds... maybe less so.

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I think I might be willing to mess around with GTA5 again with all the stuff they've added and the improved visuals. Not gonna happen until at least early next year, but I'm certainly interested.