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Congratulations duder!

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This sounds pretty nifty. Figured it would just be a slightly longer, tougher Strike. But puzzles and stealth sections? Sounds kinda nuts. Definitely looking forward to giving it a shot at some point, although I think I'll take their advice and try to pull my level a little higher than the base entry requirement before stepping into it myself.

Thanks for the interview, Patrick! A great quick read before bed.

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Yeah I didn't mention them because they're more expensive but I've recently started using Astro A40s and they're the most comfortable headset I've had by miles. Also they don't completely cut out outside sound (which I personally prefer in a gaming headset so I can hear what people around me are saying or if the doorbell rings). Plus when I bought them I picked up the additional cable they suggested which turned out to be the one I needed to plug it straight into the PS4 controller, which has a mute switch on it as you wanted. Definitely are overpaying a little, but I'm super happy with them. Also they're candy red.

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I'm all for more polish. At this point I'd probably rather just get the game in January/February - fitting around Road to Wrestlemania hype would work fairly well and it'd get it out the way of the many other games coming out around then (not just on that particular day). I can't see that happening, though.

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@gkhan: It actually has that option in the Party chat screen, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Sony headset just ties into that menu option. You can adjust it manually though. I guess having the freedom to do it on the fly instead of diving into the menu might be useful but I set it the first time around and haven't changed it once since then.

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I'd love it if it turned out you just had it on backwards the whole time and hadn't realised. :p

Worth noting while you're looking that you can apparently use any headset with standard pink/green 3.5mm connections using a Y adapter. Should be fairly easy to pick one up cheaply and it largely broadens your options as you can use most PC headsets as a result. Around that price range I've used Steelseries Siberia V2s for a while and they did a good job but I was never that happy with the mic quality. Very comfortable though. Alternatively (and a little cheaper) I used Turtle Beach PX21s prior to that and really liked them until the cable gave out, although that was probably mostly my fault for not looking after them.

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Just about the only feature I pretty much have never watched is Spookin' with Scoops - because I have almost no interest in horror games. However, I actually did 'watch' the entirety of the P.T. video and found that after sitting through that I found the segment of Fatal Frame that Patrick played afterwards was completely bearable. So if he continues to play through that game then I may start watching those.

Otherwise I'll take just about anything. I find any time I think a QL doesn't look very interesting to me it'll turn out to have been a particularly hilarious one and I'll find myself watching it after catching a bit on the Best of GB videos. So I try to catch everything if I can, even if it's just watching it in the background while cooking or playing something simple like Diablo or Hearthstone. I've been really enjoying the recent premium series (in general I like series which take multiple episodes), especially so Metal Gear of late.

I also listen to all the podcasts except for 8-4 (which I'll tune into once in a while if the description catches my eye but isn't a format I'd listen to all the time) and the Box Office cast (I catch this once in a blue moon but generally I have minimal interest in films).

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I'm glad to see an ENB video in there, Marcus always has so many thoughts to offer on the Souls series (and a veritable wealth of in-depth experience to go along with those thoughts) so hearing what he had to say about Bloodborne was fascinating. I'll definitely have to keep an eye on Breaking Madden as well, especially as I'm aiming to try and pay some amount of attention to NFL this season.

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Okay, these have been sorta covered but I'll offer some answers of my own anyway. :)

Yes, you start each game completely from scratch. However there is a little bit of permanent progression in Awesomenauts - as you level up, you will unlock more of the Upgrades for use in game (so when you first play you will have fewer options as to the loadout you can take into game).

When you start a game you pick your loadout of potential upgrades for that character - 3 for your basic attack and each skill and then 3 general character upgrades. However, you will not start the game with these. Awesomenauts is fairly simple by MOBA standards (so it's a great introduction to the genre) and the only way you progress your character during a match is by buying upgrades.

Your "level" in game is a somewhat misleading statistic - there is no experience per se, it is simply a measure of the amount of Solar (money) you have collected. This is earned passively (30 per minute) and you can also pick it up when dropped by enemy players, enemy creeps, enemy turrets, or neutral creeps.

The general trick to levelling up quickly in Awesomenauts is to stay mobile - not too unlike other MOBAs, you want to always be doing something. If you have cleared the enemies creeps and the opposing heroes are not easy targets, pop into the "jungle" (neutral areas) and kill the small creatures there (they will also drop health, which can be very important). If you are on the Ribbit IV map, you can also kill the Solar Bosses (the large dudes in the jungle) once you get more powerful for Solar and a full heal.

Generally speaking I'd say Awesomenauts is more PvP-focused from the get-go than your average MOBA - farming creeps is slightly less useful than being able to take out enemies. That said it's still a good source of income, so don't rule it out. And as Corvak said - try not to die! Not only will it give the opponents Solar, but you will waste all that time while your respawn timer is ticking down that you could have spent earning Solar yourself.

Don't be afraid to hide behind a turret and teleport back to base if you're feeling under pressure (and remember that heading back to buy upgrades before your opponent could help land a cheeky kill if they have yet to do so).

Hope that helps! Any other questions, feel free to ask!

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I guess it's nice to have a date. I'm definitely in the camp of "always happy to wait longer for a higher quality release," so if this extra development time guarantees that then no problems there. I'm also still totally into the idea of a bit more Rocksteady-brand Batman.