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I've not run into any issues understanding anyone, but perhaps that's just because most of the accents seem to be from the UK so I'm used to them? Also I have subtitles on but then I do that with every game I play (and if I ever watch TV, too). I did also set the volume mix on both Music and SFX to lower than Voice, which I do in a lot of games too just to make it stand out - but I now think the audio mix might even be too weighted towards vocals. There are one or two weird scenes where the audio will go quiet for some reason (when you leave White Orchard it does this on a shot where the camera is panned far out from the characters talking and I could barely hear them).

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I use Spotify pretty much every day so I'd probably listen to the podcast this way at least some of the time if it was there. It wouldn't necessarily make my life any easier than how I currently listen to it (usually just streaming to my phone from the site MP3 link or occasionally on my actual iPod from iTunes if I sync it up) but I'd use it.

EDIT: Actually @iron1c's point is pretty neat. I might be tempted to listen that way on occasion. Actually that reminds me of another benefit - streaming from the site doesn't track it to my Last.fm, and it's really slowed Giant Bomb's numbers on my profile dramatically since I shifted from exclusively using my iPod to streaming it on my phone a bunch. So I guess Spotify would help with that? Not the biggest issue, admittedly.

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I don't want either of these things if they can't be turned off. I don't want to get flashes of an object's history every time I touch anything. The smell doesn't seem much better either, especially if you could smell stuff like disease. Neither seems especially beneficial, too. If I had to take one I guess it'd be the object permanence.

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It's fantastic for sure, but there's quite a few things still scheduled for this year. MGS, Arkham, Bloodborne are all obvious contenders but then we haven't even hit E3 yet so it's quite possible something will show up there too which ends up coming out this year and being fantastic. I think it's kinda too early to say. It really does set a high bar to beat, though.

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If you're just looking to play co-op with randoms but not talking to them, then you'll miss out on the most exciting parts of Destiny. There's still plenty of cool stuff in there that you can play that way, but the best parts really require you to be communicating with your teammates, plus no matchmaking for those bits means you kinda want a semi-regular group of people. Plus the loot isn't as varied as Borderlands, although the top end gear is clearly very lovingly crafted. It's incredibly fun mechanically though, I've spent well over 300 hours with it so there's that.

EDIT: Also if you're playing on PS3 I know the community is quite a bit smaller, so you might find fewer dedicated players but I'm certain there will still be some out there. It's definitely a game that benefits hugely from having a group that you play with consistently though, I wouldn't have made it past about the 80-100 hour mark without the friends I ended up playing with.

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Yeah, I like his voice and style. He just doesn't mince his words: he's somewhat introverted and not much of a conversationalist, so he keeps his sentences to the bare minimum he needs to get his point across. He's very much more aman of action than words. I get the impression too that he tries to keep things short as a way to not appear to take sides in a conversation but remain largely an impartial force. Not phrasing stuff with "I" might just be to do with dialect. He does use his pronouns sometimes though. Also I'm sure all those years of combat, injuries, drinking, and alchemy have probably taken somewhat of a toll on his vocal chords.

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I'm enjoying it a lot. That said, I don't think it would work as a multiplayer game unless they decided to only allow a selection of pre-built decks. There's too many cards that are just outright better than other cards for a balanced system. That's fine though, because it works fantastically as a fun story diversion.

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One thing I do really appreciate is that levels aren't the be-all-and-end-all. Quite a lot of RPGs with clearly designated player and enemy levels will scale you down to doing no damage against enemies a few levels above me, but even at level 1 I was able to defeat a level 7 wraith. It took me a few attempts, and just a couple of hits would end the fight, but it was possible. I also realised reading this that I like combat systems which encourage you not to ever get hit - it's a little closer to how you'd expect an actual fight to go down as an experienced Witcher.

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I've found Quen to be incredibly useful in combat so far, having that as a "safety net" if you do get hit that will protect you and knock back anything that gets right up in your face is really nice when fighting groups (or strong enemies who can take you down in one or two hits. I definitely feel more comfortable against a stronger single enemy than a group, but I think that makes sense. A swarm of weaker stuff should be tougher for a Witcher to deal with than a single foe - the caveats being that often you have to prepare more specifically to fight the stronger enemies, and that they remain a serious threat to the final blow while a group gets more manageable each time you take one of them down.

Getting used to the animations and how to attack differently has been fun, I think coming from a lot of time spent with Souls games there's definitely some level of comparison to be made there. I think so far (only about 8 hours in, mind) that it's been a very satisfying experience tackling a wide variety of combat situations with quite a large toolset at your disposal. All your sword attacks, five signs, usable items, dodging, blocking, counter hits, rolling... I've really felt like I have a lot of control over my character, though with so many options Geralt is still a little clumsy in my hands at the moment as it hasn't quite become second nature to pull precise movements out at all times.

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Crash Bash is a great good game. There's no full party mode I don't think, but the minigames themselves are pretty good.