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@darji: Not really. Major reason why Kenzan! didn't come over is child prostitutes play a role in the main story line and some of the substories. Westerners are whiny about stuff even if its historically accurate. Black Panther games didn't come over because 'lolpsp' and 5 probably won't come over because of how poorly Dead Souls did. Trying to ignore that rumor about an Atlus localization to keep myself sane.

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@bigjeffrey: Fucking love the ending. I'm so glad they just went for it all the way. And the only person who is emotionally dead is Lightning's English Voice Actor. JP one doesn't sound like a robot.

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Anyone beat this game yet? I know you can swap to Hard difficulty but is it possible to revert to Easy difficulty in your NG+ run?

Nevermind, found out for myself. Can go to all 3 difficulties whenever you NG+ it.

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No platinum as it's a PSN game. And yes you can get all the trophies without spending a single dime.

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@bhlaab said:

I just worry about hackers on pc

This. Even on PS3/360 there were Hex editors. Not to mention the shitty servers for both Demon's and Dark. PVP is the worst thing in those games unless you specifically gear for it and go to the specific soul levels and stages that people do serious PvPing. Beyond that it's just teleport backstabs and dudes with infinite HP.

Just give me the Demon's Souls approach. Be in Hollow mode but only have 75% of your Max HP.


Actually PvP in Dark Souls near the beginning was broken and boring as shit. Everyone had lightning weapons because they didn't scale properly and they were just spamming one spell constantly. Can't remember the actual spell name but that's all the bitching was about, believe it was the spell the forest guardian golems cast.

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Can people start saying Columns instead of Bejeweled?

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4:37 AM. I have no work so I'm at home playing a video game at this time. Playing 機動戦士ガンダムUC. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AzQOGnAfsk Fastest video I could find. It's a decent game trying to pull from the A.C.E. framework but feels clunky. FROM Software games are always hit or miss really..

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13-3 does come out in a month.

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@petiew: You're pretty correct about that. One of the best boss fights in video games is the Dracula fight in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. For a boss that has used teleportation for all his regular form fights to suddenly start slowling walking towards you was the best.

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@somejerk: Only issue is the last room and that is easily negated by just picking up the mini gun and constantly pinging and turning to see people trying to sneak up on you. Game was ridiculously easy even on the highest difficulty. Most of the complaints presented in the first post are just a persons inability to do things quickly and take enemies out efficiently. Hold out mission is a joke if you lock the top floor.

@noremnants Also you're having issues with a part where you have an instant kill rocket launcher? Or do you not know that you have a weapon to use during that free fall section? Pressing buttons sure is fun to check out what you have during different gameplay sections!

Free fall section was apparently patched as was another section. Not sure about the patches effectiveness because I beat it before those balancing patches hit.