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Guacamelee! Luchadoring at it's finest! 0

Metroidvanias. Luchadores. Is it a match made in heaven? Well, thanks to the fine folks at DrinkBox Studio this idea is a smash hit. Gucamelee! isn't your standard Metroidvania game. While it does have the ins and outs of the genre such as 2D side scrolling, hidden chests and of course upgrades, it also throws in a combo based brawling system. At first it'll seem as though it's lacking but as you get more abilities and head over to Combo Chicken's dojo to do tutorials you'll soon find out that i...

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Stoned Papercraft At Its Finest. 0

Derrick the Deathfin is another intriguing PSN exclusive from developers different cloth and Tuna Technologies Ltd. It follows the story of Derrick, a Deathfin, who is on a warpath after his parents are killed and made into canned fish food. This game has a colorful look to it as everything in the game is based off of papercraft but with some very lucid looking animals and trees.The games consists of 4 zones with 8 levels per zone. Zones are comprised of Score Levels, Time Attack Levels, and Puz...

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Hell Yeah! Quirky and fun! 0

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit by Arkedo Studio is quite a trip. You're in the roll of Ash, the new King of Hell, on his journey to find pictures that were taken of him when he was in his bath with his lovely ducky. You'll go around and kill 100 of these people who have viewed the pictures trying to find them. You go through a variety of background changes that are all starkingly different. Going from a Volcano to a Casino, to a Club and many more zones.Arkedo tried to make the game as non ...

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