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They are fucking hilarious. Always listen to them. :3

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I'd watch it.

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1. That's not the anthem. As a matter of fact, we do not have one. - Swedes claim that it is "Du gamla, du fria" ("You Old, You Free" (lit.)) which was written by Richard Dybeck 1844 which is not true. I don't know why they think that it is, but it is not.

The plain and simple fact is that we do not have an official one. Du gamla, du fria is merely claimed to be, and is made no more official just because it is being claimed to be.

2. Other interesting facts are: Sweden is seen as a christian "country" from especially Americans for some reason. The fact cannot be any further away from that assumption.

Sweden is overwhelmingly Atheistic (over 85% according to Gallup) and secular, which of course is awesome. How the Americans fail to look that up is quite beyond me.


The only cultural value we have, is a dance where we pretend to be frogs, jumping around a flowery pole at midsummer singing "små grodorna" (little fucking frogs). (See below.)

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Sex: Non-identified, likely male.

Age: of Reason.

"Country": I reside within the fictional borders of Sweden. I am a citizen of Earth and don't consider myself as a Swede.

No. I am an Atheist and Anti-Theist. I work against it to remove it from politics and society.

When I was 7 and asked if I believed in a god, I asked; "what is a god?" - Silence ensued and was then told that "He created the Universe." - And I posed the terminal question which ended it all. "You said A god, are there more?" - Silence once again ensued and no answer was given. I knew of Thor Odinsson, the Norse god of thunder, but I also knew of lightning and thunder, and that Thor had nothing to do with it.

Later on in school, about 2 and a half year later, we were told about the Christian deity and the Islamic deity among many others. To me, the answer had already been obvious and I found it all to be complete and utter bullfuck. I even questioned why this was being taught because nobody with a sane mind would believe in this crap. This was met by laughter and a gentle pat on the head, and was rewarded with 5 sticky gold stars. Hahah, the memories. I remember it as if it was yesterday.

I later on, just a few years back, from 13-15 went on to read the bible and the quran. A well-spent few years. I am now more of a vicious atheist than I'd thought I'd ever be. I'm extremely confident in my position, but am, of course, always changing with facts and evidence. - I have never lost a debate once, and I find the religious incredibly unfamiliar with their own holy books, their arguments pitifully weak and easily smashed to pieces, and their sign of desperation, overhauling.

- Religion is a weapon for the powerful to control the dishonest of mind/not so clever/uninformed people. This sounds like an insult, and so be it. It doesn't make it any less true.

If you believe in a deity, you've failed to reason/investigate.

Faith - which is belief in something for which there is no evidence; is utterly destructive, and it saddened me greatly when Vinny, of all people, went ahead to say "I believe in ghosts". Sure, but you have no good reason to do so. - You may as well believe you can jump off an airplane in flight from a very high altitude without a parachute, hit the concrete ground with vicious force, and come away unharmed.


There is a total amount of ZERO credible evidence for a deity that is said to have created the Universe.

Faith is not a virtue, it is a failure to think.

Common sense, a phrase used a lot by the religious, may be just that, common. Basically because the common human is gullible and fearsome of death.

Over 80% of the world's population (and shrinking) is religious, so clearly common sense in this sense, is not a commendation, but an insult.

Now, to set something straight: I do not regard most religious people as being inferior,

however their religious beliefs (faith) is total and utter intellectual nonsense, and they have failed to reason that argument out. In THAT way, they are inferior.

Most? Some know religion is false and make money out of it. LOTS. Televangelists, priests, and so on... These folks, I revere viciously. - I regard them as inferiors not just to atheists and agnostics, but to the unfortunate who are deceived by these scammers.

But again, most of the religious KNOW that it is nonsense, and believe it anyway.

They lie to themselves, and that's not healthy, but it is what they do, and it only works against them.

A pretty recent scientific study has shown that religious belief is connected to Alzheimer's disease, so to be religious, is actually, physically and mentally dangerous.

Do I seem angry? Do I have a reason to be angry? Look at the world today, how we treat each other and you will instantly know the answer to why. And trust me, were all people critical thinkers, these folks would be pretty damn pissed off at the so called leaders of the world, and the overall situation we have.

I'll end with two quotes: "If the answer to everything is "god", or "jesus" or "allah", I fear to correct my pupils' mathematics-test."

"Investigate the claim. If it cannot be investigated, discard it as nonsense for now and await actual evidence." - Lord Bertrand Russell

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-Checks date...- Not April 1:st yet.

Oculus pre-order: Now canceled.

Also... Shit.

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Do that ^

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@deshawn2ks: @petiew: But I don't want a disc version I want a digital only version, like the US PSN users can get through their PS Store.

I played during the Phase 4 Beta, the client used in Phase 4 is the one that will be used by the full retail product from what I've heard.

It just sounds a tad... just a taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad dumb that in order to get a digital version, you must get a physical version. ....Just saying. I'm not good with handling discs, so... hence why I want the digital one. - If anyone has a solution, do share it.

- I do appreciate the help. <>

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Have a really weird question: How the fuck does one get the game digitally on PS3 if you're in the EU? - At the SquEnix store there's only the PC Download, and no FFXIV: ARR in the PS Store (EU, it IS available in the NA store), which is WEIRD, considering that you HAVE to pre-order to get early access. I wanted to pre-order it, but that was freakin' impossible.

Been trying to find a way for 2 days now, and today I expected the PS Store to have it, but oooooooooh no, because it is, as it usually is, the EU PS Store - run by the masters of fuck-uppery.

Hälp, pliz. :(

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@cale said:

There couldn't be a better person for the job.

Know what... You are absolutely right. He loves and cares for his work. He is extremely passionate about it, and that is not a bad thing.