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The only highlights for this year is South Park: Stick of Truth, Wolfenstein (YES, WOLFENSTEIN.) Shadow of Mordor. That's all I can think of. The rest has been mediocre so far. Lots of PR shit and lots of "Gamergates".

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Christianity, Islam, and so on. Norse mythology is the best, so, plenty of that. In short, the myth that is gods.

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I'd vote, for sure! But facebook can suck a wide, fat, juicy pair of rotten shoelaces. Had it not been facebook...

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They were definitely influenced by Pixar with this trailer.

First thing that struck me when I saw the pic of the video.

Overall, this game looks pretty damn underwhelming and bland.

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They are. ...Well, some are. It is a few couple of people that is the problem.

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I like games. Also, I happen to like Jeff's post and fully agree with it. Also, my GB Membership ran out! -Panic-mode!-

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Open carry?


...What the fuck is wrong with U.S of A?!

Shouldn't that be considered a "disturbance" at least? There is no way that that should be allowed anywhere except on private grounds.

Anita Sarkeesian is a human I don't like, that doesn't mean that she can't be allowed to speak.

Let her speak so that others may laugh at her often insane words.

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@hatking said:

This whole thing really just feels like a way for a corporation to own a singer instead of having a person with that pesky free will. I hate being the old man, but I just don't get the appeal.

There is no such thing as free will. - We are directed by impulses.

Consider the following: You have an appointment to go to Giant Bomb and meet the guys.

You can go, or you can not go.

If the appointment is something that your brain finds stimulating, or exciting, then there is a great chance that you will go. However if it is something that you may find not liking, then you probably will not go.

Now, do you decide? Well, no. Depending on how your brain is wired, you WILL go to Giant Bomb, or not, and it has nothing to do with choice, but with who you are as a person.

Here: Pick a color.

Black or White?

Now, did you pick a color? You may have opted not to do so depending on whether you're actually open to this or not. The main point is, you WANT me to be wrong.

Now stop and think a bit about it. Why did/didn't you pick that/a color?

The answer probably is either of these: "I like it." "I don't like it." "I don't know."

This is where reality comes in and us as a human primates.

We perceive things daily in our life.

Believe it or not, this has tremendous influences on what you actually picked/didn't pick.

Allow me first to explain why you most likely didn't want to read this post at all.

You didn't want to, because the very first sentence is me criticizing your position on free will.

That's it. Humans tend to (however not myself) dislike criticism, no matter in what form.

By reading the way you put your sentence, I could determine that you do not like criticism very much, but you like giving it.

To make you keep reading, I mentioned Giant Bomb in bold letters within the spoiler tag and with an underline to keep you to read, because you, just as myself, enjoy Giant Bomb.

This is where you either say that I am wrong, or that I am right, right? - Wrong. You have the option to say nothing as well, which is exactly what you thought of doing, and will now say that I very likely am wrong.

The encryption of the person you meet, and to find out how he/she/unspecified may think, can be figured out by paying attention to voice, or in this case, scripture, and to body language.

Allow me to show and explain:

Pay attention to the young girl on the right.

Notice how she makes the first move. Notice when she nods, and when she "yeses", and how she agrees with Derren Brown. What she does, and is totally unaware of, tells Derren that in the end... she does what she does, which is what Derren knows by now and is why he stops her when she's about to open the box. Had he not stopped her, then she would not have had the ring and Derren would have her open it.

Also, you picked Black, most likely all who read this post from start to end picked black.

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They are fucking hilarious. Always listen to them. :3