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If Dan's problem with JRPGs is the menu based combat, than Persona is probably not for him. The combat is about as basic as it gets. He might be able to get something out of the SMT games with the more involved version of press-turn like SMT3, SMT4 or the Digital Devil Saga games as those really make you play tactically and make full use of the turn down time to think strategically. They basically epitomize why I like turn based combat.

If he's looking for an action style JRPG, he could give the Tales of... games a shot, but I suspect other things like the quest structure would probably end up boring him out of those as well.

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what...where's vinny?

His wife was having a baby at the time.

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I posted this on GAF, but I also want to throw this up here so that the dudes might have a better chance of seeing it.

I don't really get emotional about celebrity deaths, even for people I'm a huge fan of. Steve Jobs is really the only one that hit me in any form, and that was just feeling depressed for like a half hour.

Then there's Ryan. For the past few days, I feel like I've been taking this well. I never had the pleasure of meeting him. I didn't really know the guy, but that doesn't actually matter. The man has been a really important, influential part of my life. He's been important in developing my tastes in entertainment, comedy, and especially video games. I've grown up listening to his voice, once a week minimum. Post GiantBomb, I've heard him at least 5 days a week for most weeks. That podcast really broke me. It's finally setting in, and the tears are flowing. I'm willing to admit it, I'm really going to miss the dude. I'm sorry I never got to shake his hand and speak to him in person, if only for a minute or two. I guess all I can do now is express my appreciation for being an awesome dude for so many years.

Thanks Ryan, I am going to miss you. I truly am.

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Great video. Would love to see more content like this.

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I played the crap out of Chaos Island. Totally forgot about it until the guys played it here. Now tempted to reinstall.

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Are the Fire Emblem games sequential or is it more like Dynasty Warriors where it's the same story with slight variations?

I used to think that it was more like the Zelda games, where it shared similar themes but there was no real distinct timeline. But then in this one everyone is referring to Marth, so I guess there is a real timeline somewhere.

It's more like Zelda in terms of "There is some sort of weird timeline, it's not very well connected, some games may be related and others not, etc." Like with Zelda, best just to not think about it so much.

But if you want to get crazy, Awakening may be/probably is the far future version of the Marth game worlds.

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DERP for patrick being in his high horse about not turning permanent death off, but then shutting his 3DS off every time someone dies and restarting the chapter.

I play the same way, but it does add something casual does not. It adds tension. Even though I know I won't lose characters in the end, each move could still destroy my chapter progress. Casual mode would just be me sending units into a fray and not giving a crap because as long as I make it through a mission, everyone's fine.

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Is it just me or does this look worse than the GBA version?

New fully 3D art style takes some getting used to. It does lack some of the charm of the 2D art from the GBA games. Still, once you start playing it, it looks great on screen. Especially with 3D on. It has some awesome 3D effects and it doesn't give me a headache like some of the early 3DS games. The character animations are still charming and the sprite view on the battlefield looks better than ever.

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dude i think patrick is over-hyping the complexity of fire emblem games.

he wrote off disgaea games as too complex too i think he just got this notion and can't let it go and these kinds of pre-concieved ideas (which i think are wrong) end scaring off a lot of people from trying these kinds of games which is a shame.

disgaea or fire emblem is no more complex than a western rpg it just has a different approach

I kind of agree that Patrick is pretty hyperbole on the complexity of Fire Emblem games. Hell, when the first FE game that came to NA/EU I played it at the hardest difficult when I was like 11-12 years old, but again that's just a slight hyperbole on my part. The underlying "problem" is just genre discomfort and personal preferences/views on these kind of turn-based games.

You don't get to select difficulty until you complete the game in that one, though. Besides, Awakening is way more difficult than Blazing sword.

Not sure I agree with Awakening being more difficult. Awakening lets you grind out levels on random battles if you want, a feature that inherently makes it quite a bit easier. Even if you don't grind, the game gives you far more access to equipment shops making managing equips and durability much more simple. It's not Sacred Stones easy, but I'm finding it to be an easier time than Blazing Sword.

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Please correct me if I'm wrong, but is the thumbnail for this quicklook spoiling the fact that Marth is a girl?

Yeah, that bit sort of bugs me. I mean, it's a twist that could not be more obvious, but still one I wouldn't want to spoil for people. Oh well, there are much, much more insane things that happen later that make that plot point a drop in the bucket