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This is going to be a tough one. I know no one who's really pumped to see this, yet I know it's still going to do pretty darn well. Going to guess $60 million, a hair bit lower than the original ASM did.

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I guess I'll give it a go. I'll say $88 mil.

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@yami4ct: Yeah, I know Mega Gengar has a crazy good ability, and I'm assuming the stat buffs are extreme.

It'll take time to see which megas shake out. Most provide interesting alternate options to standard sets. There's a big discussion on mega viability on Smogon right now. Some are sure bets to see play, like Gengar. Others are not as sure. Pretty much across the board stat buffs don't always outweigh the bigger stat buffs a hold item might provide.

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For those of us up there, is having a Mega on the team really necessary? If it's worth it I'll make a slot but I'm not 100% sure it'd make that much of a difference, but then again I haven't used any of them.

Depends on the Mega. In general, it's useful to have one. A lot of Megas like Gengar and Blaziken have obvious advantages over their base form, even taking losing an item into account. Basically, yes. It's worth making room for the one mega you're allowed to have on a team.

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Spent more time team building than playing the actual game. Haha. Right now, this what I'm looking at.


Bulky water. Volt switcher. Deal with fire threats.


Unique typing makes it annoying to kill. Secondary physical sweeper.


Special revenge killer. Covers other typing my team can't normally deal with.

Mega Blaziken:

Main sweeping threat. My team's mega


Special wall and dragon slayer.


Physical wall and secondary special wall. Slowly chip away at opponent's physical threats. Set up stealth rock.

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@dangeruss04: It will continue in the long run is what he's talking about. Whether or not this week gets one or not is up in the air

I just wish the bomb crew the best. We'll be here when they decide to return.

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I don't generally buy used for new games. Keep a good enough lookout, and you can get great deals on new copies of recent games within the first month or two if not on preorders. I do, however, rent a ton of games. I don't like keeping games around. I don't collect. The only reason I buy games is if it's exceptionally long, really cheap, or I adore it and want to own it. The only games I collect are the ones I really enjoy. The only used games I buy are ones that are so old, it's near impossible to find them new.

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@kane_233 said:



"Gutted for the Giant Bomb guys. I'm sure we can all sort something out for tomorrow. No shortage of kit between us all."

not for tonight, but that is great to know :)

If Harmonix can throw enough kit together to get Divekick working for PAX, I'm sure all their buds in LA can get together a workable shooting set.

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This won't stop the Bombcast, will it?

Could stop tonight's. Jeff will be updating on it later. By the end of the day tomorrow, between CBSi and their buds in LA, I'm sure they can put together some sort of workable show. Nothing stops the bombcast in the long run.

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It would almost be morbidly hilarious if it actually was a podcast listener who pieced together all the bits of information about the space from their various descriptions and pictures.

Not really. It would mean the crew would have to be EXTRA careful about revealing anything about their location going forward. They'd be more disconnected from the community as they'd always have to consider what may lead back to them.