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It'll definitely be a major shift, I'll tell you that. It's not all for the worse, though. This patch will really bring Zerg back into the game and bring Terrans down to the level they should be at. Sure MMM isn't nerfed, as far as we know as Blizzard has said this isn't it, but with the Siege Tank hit, it'll significantly hurt T. As a 'Toss guy, the Zealot increase is a bit disconcerting, but I can understand it. Zerg are the rush race and both T and P can currently rush better than them. Sure it'll make defending against a 6-Pool much more difficult, but I'm certain the community will come up with strats to counter. This should be a significant enough change to bring me back. I've not been playing recently because every match I've played was vs T and ultimately the overpoweredness of that race just annoyed me.

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To all afraid of joining due to low skill level, join anyway! I'm terrible, but it'll still be fun. Worst comes to worst you get to watch a lot of good players and pick up some strategies. Just watching the first tournament substantially improved my game. Hey, maybe we terrible players will have some fun pick-up matches after we lose. This isn't some "hard-core" torunament. Everyone here is extremely kind and gracious. No one will care if your not top tier diamond league or if your bottom tier copper. 

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Count me in again, man! Couldn't make the last one, but am stoked for this one. I'm still not great, but I should be better than the first tournament.  

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If I can't make my Sim into an evil tyrant, I'm not interested. Seriously. I should be able to oppress every other SIm in the land.

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I don't mind these kinds of rewards programs, but man is that name terrible. The trailer they played was very odd as well. 

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I actually don't mean it in a hipster way. I just feel like he can never speak his real thoughts on what's going on. G4's got some very similar people, but they at least have a few reporters willing to actually say what they think.

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This game looks amazing. I can't wait. Criterion's bringing back the NFS franchise better than ever.

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G4, I can't stand the people that Spike employees, Geoff in particular is  far too commercial.  I really hate that Microsoft was exclusive to spike this year. 

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I'm not sure yet, but I think people are interpreting the end too literally. I think what happened is that everyone in the LAX timeline realized the sacrifice their other selves made in the other timeline to create a realty where all of them could be together. It's a heaven of sorts, but they are still alive. That's what Christian was talking about when he was saying that this was something they created for themselves.

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I'll be in for whatever you guys do next time as well. I already have the game on pre-order anyway. This was a great event. Maybe I'll even make it passed the first round next time.