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I may have lost both my games, but I had a really amazing time. I hope we can get together and do this on a regular basis. 

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I'm in yamict.yamict  
I'm not great, but this should be a good learning experience.

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I'm in too. Why not? Sounds like fun.

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It's not perfect, so what. The coolest part of the game is going to be creating, sharing and playing around with other peoples creatures. That alone is worth $50. After reading the review, it's still sounds like a great game. It's not perfect, but what is? I also read something on another forum that I really agreed with, it's an EA game, it will have expansions. That'll help fix the it's so limited complaint. What sims game has come out and been perfect? They all needed expansions to become what they are, I'm sure spore's the same way. I'll still be buying the game this weekend and this review hasn't done anything to increase or decrease my excitement for it. Also, since when has 8 not been a great score? We really need to drop the "if it's lower than a 9, it's terrible" mentality.

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At first, I was only going to get RB2 because I had the rock band instruments and really didn't want to make room for new ones. Then I heard I can use my instruments in GH:WT, and Activision officially got my $60 as well. I'm getting both, because the both have songs I really want to play. GH:WT has Hotel California and Crazy Train, as well as a few more, while rock band 2 has Carry on Wayward Son, Pinball Wizard, and AC/DC, which means we may get some more as DLC. They both have Eye of the Tiger, too, which I can't wait to play.

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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Wow. Mine sucks.

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Once everything gets into full swing, I have a feeling things will run much smoother. As for point whores, sure I love the points, but it doesn't change my editing style. I just do what I see needs to be done. If it's adding a few dates or something like that, I do that, but if I see an article that needs to be written, I do that. I just do what I feel is best. I do hope we can get caught up here on edits soon. I have a bunch pending for almost 3 days as well as a few more in my head that need the others to go through. 

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MGS4 has gotten me dangerously close to buying a PS3.

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Bad Game: .hack. I've played through all 4 of the first series and the 3 GU games. They really do suck pretty hard, but I like them anyway

Good Game: Any GTA before IV. They all where far too over the top and violent for my tastes. IV had a really well done narrative that really drew you in, something the others lacked.

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I wanted a transformers G1 Picture and prime was already taken. I couldn't find a good megatron so I choose this instead. I always loved Bumblebee.