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Mid/High Beginner (After a few online matches, I now realize I'm not a true beginner)

Time: Most of the time EST. I won't have an amazing connection until I move back to school end of the month, but most of the time it's playable.

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I'm running with "Gentleman Cyclops World History". I just envision a Cyclops with a monocle, top hat and tuxedo jacket holding a globe.

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If you want to read up on or play just the important stuff, you really just need to check out 1, 2 and Birth By Sleep. Other games are just periphery. Honestly, just play the demo and if you like it, go for it. If not, wait for 3 and check up again. That one should provided the most important gameplay changes if they're ever going to do them.

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Hoping Metro comes back around in a flash deal. I stupidly skipped it first time around and am starting to regret it.

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Persona 4


Witcher 2

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@aurahack: I had almost the exact same thing, except even worse. I fought it with me and 3 AI buddies for like 4 minutes until another guy showed up. After what felt like forever, we finally took the thing down. Right after, I got a change over code {DUEL} and another freaking one spawns. Two of those crazy things in a row. I died like 8 times, but we did finally take both down.

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@SilverZeo: The encounter rate is really low, but there are certain ways to boost it. In Black and White 2, they have an item that increases the shiny rate if you complete the national dex. Seems like a really nice reward. Honestly, I've only ever seen one shiny in my years of playing Pokemon games. I got a shiny Woobat in White, It was an easy catch with an ultra ball, so I didn't need to resort to the master.

Honestly, I don't really see much use for a master ball. All the legendaries are perfectly catchable with a good battle strategy, ultra balls and patience. I'd save it for if you ever encountered a difficult to catch shiny, like maybe a roaming legendary or something like an Abra that runs away.

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I honestly don't want too much. Better dungeons and minor tweaks here and there for fusing would be great. Also, no whether based dungeons, please. Maybe a better way to know character schedules as well. I'd love to be able to pull up a calendar in the game that shows what social links and special events are available on certain days and maybe upcoming school functions. Anything to help me plan my social link schedule better. I'd also love for the game to have a less strict schedule for maxing links. I don't want to be forced to stick to a guide in order to see all the links. Having links actually be acknowledged as the story went on seems like a must add as well.

One social function I'd really want to see added would be the ability to do group link events. If I can get all the character's schedules synced, I should be able to go out together and improve all their links. They shouldn't all need to be one on one. Of course, you'd need a certain amount of one on one time for a romance link to trigger. I really feel this'd break up the linking nicely.

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@Amtiskaw: Ahhh. Thanks for pointing that out. I was never taught the long way, so that went right over my head. You learn something new every day.

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Are you using #include <iostream> or #include <iostream.h>? If you aren't using .h, I believe you need to do a "using namespace std;" (without the quotes of course) in your header for the code to work.