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I'm not going to stop at this point, especially as it's not out until next year. I'm hoping I won't have to redo anything to get my guy in an english game, given the setting in the menus for language. At most, I'd pay for a server transfer buy not sure I'd even do that. As for the english voice acting, I hope not as that could lead down a dangerous path of the US edition lagging behind Japanese content packs. If they had to do more voice work every time they added story content to the Japanese game that could get time consuming and pricey. Personally, I just say translate the text and just release it.

I will say I'm super happy to see it get a US release, if only that it means people not crazy enough to dig through Japanese text will get to play what is a pretty great game.

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@Jay444111: I suggested E7 as well. It's an old fav of mine. It's far from perfect, but just so much fun. And, as I said, the animation is just beautiful.

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If you liked Gurren, Tiger and Bunny is probably right up your alley. It's probably the most fun anime I've watched in years. It's the same idea as GL, a comedy spin of a typically very serious genre, but T&B is a parody of super hero shows. It's got a very western feel to it as well, and really pulls off the dramatic moments when it wants to.

I'd also recommend Darker than Black, as many have said here. It's a bit too self serious for my tastes, but the animation is beautiful and the show ends up being quite entertaining. If you haven't checked out Cowboy Bebop yet, that's absolutely where you should go next. It's my favorite anime of all time. The way the characters are developed and how the action is choreographed to the music is amazing. With Bebop, the american dub is so good I'd whole heartedly say make sure to check it out.

If you're looking for mecha shows, there's always Evangelion. It's very esoteric and self serious, but a fascinating show overall. The remake movies are absolutely fantastic, too, but not sure how well they'd do for a non fan. There's also Eureka Seven, which is in a lot of ways a much more light hearted and fun Evangelion. It also has some of the most beautiful animation I've seen in mecha shows. If you can deal with a show being quite old, the original Mobile Suit Gundam has a lot going for it. There's a reason that franchise keeps going. It's some of the best mecha action in the industry. Just make sure to grab the japanese voice on that one as the english dub is just horrific. If you can get through that, Zeta, Char's Counterattack, Unicorn(UC), and Victory are all wonderful shows. Wing, 00, G, X and Age all have a lot going for them, but you have to be able to put up with a lot of cliched crap. The OVAs, especially the 08th MS team, all are extremely well done as well. Turn A is a divisive series. I find it wonderful, but it's a love it or hate it type thing.

If you're looking for a fun, Shonen action show, Hunter x Hunter is pretty amazing. You can jump on the new series right now as it airs. So much fun. Way better then the Naruto/Bleach stuff that clogs shonen shows now. It's written by the same guy who did Yu Yu Hakusho, another favorite and recommendation of mine, and he just kills it. It's just too bad he is so inconsistent in writing the manga. Really kills me to have to wait through his countless hiatuses, but damn if he doesn't come back to hit it out of the park every time.

It's not exactly what you asked for, but I have to through Kamen Rider Fourze and W in the mix as well. They're my favorite shows in a long time. They pretty much just are live action anime and I'd recommend them to anyone who even remotely likes anime.

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The added content from P4G is enough for me.

P5 might be announced at TGS for what I heard. Which is completely plausible based on the previous release cycle.

Sadly, a TGS announcement is very unlikely. Atlus doesn't go to TGS and given the shrinking nature of the show, is very unlikely to start. Any P5 announcement would likely be through Famitsu. I wouldn't doubt we'll see P5 information finally pop up this year, maybe even a late '12/early '13 launch in japan, but it's impossible to predict when it'll pop up.

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@Distrato said:

@Lemegeton: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_End_of_Evangelion

And it turned out amazing.

Also once again to me this isn't just about getting a video game ending changed. The product that Bioware is backing is a total lie and a huge middle finger to the fans that have been there since the beginning. There are numerous quotes of Bioware employees saying the exact opposite of what the ending turned out to be. Video game players feel betrayed and they should be. If we want our industry to grow and be taken seriously we have to stop letting companies get away with terrible writing and BS.

There's a good reason that The End of Evangelion is amazing. It's basically a huge "fuck you" to all the people who bitched about the series ending. They actually went out of the way to make something more depressing, more batshit crazy and more esoteric than the original ending. If Bioware did THAT, I would totally be on board. "You want a new ending, here it is. Everyone dies!"

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Donkey Kong - 10

Pyramid Head - 15

Gordon Freeman - 13

Dante - 5

Lara Croft - 8

Link - 16

Cloud Strife - 1 (-1)

Jill Valentine - 17

Ryu - 15

The Lemmings - 13

Samus - 17(+1)

Solid Snake 17

Mario - 2


Nathan Drake - 16

Agent 47 - 11

Kratos - 5

Master Chief - 4

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Donkey Kong - 10

Pyramid Head - 15

Gordon Freeman - 11

Dante - 6

Lara Croft - 9

Link - 15

Cloud Strife - 4(-1)

Jill Valentine - 16

Ryu - 15

The Lemmings - 13

Samus - 15(+1)

Solid Snake 17

Mario - 4


Nathan Drake - 14

Agent 47 - 11

Kratos - 5

Master Chief - 6

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Persona 4

Pay Close Attention Square Enix

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Donkey Kong - 11

Pyramid Head - 12

Gordon Freeman - 9

Dante - 8

Pac Man - 10

Lara Croft - 8

Link - 10

Cloud Strife - 6 (-1)

Jill Valentine - 12

Ryu - 12

The Lemmings -12

Samus - 12 (+1)

Mario - 9


Nathan Drake -11

Agent 47 - 12

Duke Nukem - 8

Kratos - 9

Sonic - 9

Master Chief - 8

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@Napalm said:

I refuse to believe that he wasn't thrown under the bus in some capacity with all of the Xbox Live hacking issues. EDIT: Either that, or his leaving is tied to that in some capacity. This announcement just feels too convenient. But hey, if he wants to leave, good for him. I'm just pointing out a nagging feeling I have about this.

Again, this is all just speculation, but I'm more inclined he just left due to it, not that he was fired for it. From what he's said about the process and his As limited resources, I can't imagine how he's dealt with the recent influx of trouble. He probably quit of of frustration with the system.

That's what I meant initially, is that it was either pressure in some form, or his frustration and compression from all of the recent turmoil. I was propositioning it as an either/or. As I mentioned, it just feels too convenient for the recent events not to be involved in some capacity.

Totally agree. Love him or hate him, that guy had a tough job if everything he says is true. They're managing all the users on XBL with a tiny, tiny team and a antiquated system that wasn't made for the volume they're dealing with. Add to that the wide=spread FIFA issue, and I could imagine how the job could take over his life. If that's the case, I feel for the guy. I really hope MSoft is more prepared to deal with this next generation.