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I refuse to believe that he wasn't thrown under the bus in some capacity with all of the Xbox Live hacking issues. EDIT: Either that, or his leaving is tied to that in some capacity. This announcement just feels too convenient. But hey, if he wants to leave, good for him. I'm just pointing out a nagging feeling I have about this.

Again, this is all just speculation, but I'm more inclined he just left due to it, not that he was fired for it. From what he's said about the process and his limited resources, I can't imagine how he's dealt with the recent influx of trouble. He probably quit of of frustration with the system.

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You guys finally pushed me into buying this game with your game of the year podcast. I never found the stuff in SR2 or SR1 to be all that fun or funny, but this one is just about perfect. Thanks guys! Glad it's doing well for THQ and Volition.

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If you never played a Diablo-style game before, does the beta have or hint at good tutorials, etc. to ease new players into the game.

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@MooseyMcMan: The bigger thing is that this obviously no longer takes place in the G1 universe. In G1, Wheeljack created the dinobots on earth after watching a documentary about dinosaurs. Honestly, though, I couldn't care less about continuity since the first game rocked.

As for whether Transformers have souls, they kind of do. Beast Wars established the idea of Transformers having Sparks. It's pretty much the equivalent of a soul as it's what makes them each unique and it leaves their body when they die.

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Look, if you are going to a site, and basing your buying off of what score something got, then you have other problems that aren't going to be fixed here.

As someone else put, if you look at most sites, especially now about say MW3 or BF3 you will see this, "MW3 sucks ass, BF3 is better" or "BF3 sucks. MW3 is going to be amazing". Well, really people, all you do is have pissing contest.

Just because you don't like a game, doesn't mean it sucks. I am not a huge fan of GoW, but i will tell you right now, it's an amazing game. It's just not a game that is for me. does that take away from it being good at all? NO. Why? Because it wasn't made for ME. It was made for a lot of people, and I just happen to not like it much. But I have enough of a brain to know that just because I don't like something, it doesn't mean it sucks. It just means, I didn't like it.

On the filp side of that, there have been plenty of games that people have said suck, but that I have to say I have enjoyed. Just because someone comes on and gives a bad review, doesn't mean that you shouldn't play it. Make up your own mind, and form your own opinion.

As far as Amazon goes, listen people, if you go onto Amazon, and you give something a 1 star review, and your gripe is with the shipper or anything BESIDES THE ACTUAL PRODUCTS, then shut the fuck up. You are here to review a product, so review it. No one cares if it didn't get there in time to meet your standards. that in no way represents the product, that represents the shipper.

My thoughts exactly. CoD isn't my cup of tea, yet I'm willing to admit it's a very well made game. Conversely, you (in the general sense not talking to anyone in particular) may not like FFXIII as much as I did, but that doesn't make it garbage. Metacritic does have its uses, though. If I'm looking at a game I might want to rent or buy, I will typically run over to MC. I than look at the excerpts from different sources with different scores, and click through some positive and some negative to get a balanced perspective. For me, it's more about aggregating the reviews all in one place rather than me have to go through sites like IGN, which is a terribly designed site, 1UP etc. individually to find their reviews. It's just easier that way.

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@NYChrisG: Really cool of you to post here. Love to see players in these tournaments be good sports. Really helps defy the negative reputation of competitive gaming, I know you'll get a lot of crap for beating him, but it is a tournament. You have to play to win, no matter who the opponent is.

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Great read! I love that the kid doesn't let the crowd get to him. I always feel that's the worst part when watching the tournaments. I get that it's all part of playing the game in front of so many people, but hearing the crowd boo certain players always has left a bad taste in my mouth. Might just be me, though, as I think the negative attitude of the crowd is a problem with sports in general.

I'll echo what I've read here, so happy to see such a supportive father. Whether or not the kid is really a prodigy, it's really awesome to see his father take it seriously. I know most parents wouldn't drive their kids around to play 'those silly video games'. I look forward to see where this kid goes from here.

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Guy who's never played DOTA but has played LoL with a question: Are the characters mostly returns from DOTA 1 or completely new? Also, what, if any, are the core differences between DOTA and LoL? Liking the graphical style from what I see.

They're all from Dota 1 yes. One of the main fundamental differences is creep denying - so when you get last hits in LoL you get gold and experience, but in Dota you can last hit your own units, denying the opponent of gold and experience.

Aw man, really? I don't want that!

Guess I'll have to stick to LoL =/

Also you lose money when you die. LoL is for let's say "the casual" crowd. We, DotA players, don't want your kind in DOTA 2.

Wow man, that's completely insensitive. I hope that was a joke. Comments like that are why people don't want to jump into games. So elitist.

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I agree. I'm going to college right now for a CS degree, not because I want to work in games specifically, but because I love that aspect of technology. The games industry is certainly an option, but it's not the end all be all. For me, I'd throw out a few pieces of advice. Take communications courses. They do help and people that go into the tech industry tend to need them more than others since they're more likely not to have developed them over their high school career. Heck, even if you've got good ones, it's good to hone them through courses. The greatest advice anyones given me is expect to have a crap job out of college. That's the way it is. You'll be on the bottom, but if you work at it, you will move up. Work is work for a reason. You can't go and expect to have your dream job handed to you.

The problem is, any decent paying job you want to work towards you will be competing with tons of others for. That's the way it is. You have to look at the work required really hone yourself towards that.

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I think this speaks more to the fact that the 3DS had a astronomically bad launch. Not one good game that speaks to nintendo's go to kid crowd. No mario, no Mario Kart, no Zelda( at launch) and no pokemon. Also, it was priced far out of the impulse range. I think it's close to being the right price now, and give the kids a new pokemon game, it will sell. We may never see DS sales, but it should get itself a pretty decent install price. Especially if they can get the price down below $150, all of a sudden it becomes an impulse christmas gift for the kid.

But this come from a person who's grown to really dislike phone gaming. Sword and Sworcery is the only interesting, unique experience that iOS has given me. All the other games I forget and throw away after like 2 days. You just can't get the depth you need for a good game without buttons.