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Great game, great article.

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Ha, wow... not a single vote thus far for Drake's Deception? This current revelation is... surprising, to say the least. I'm well aware of the widespread disdain for differences Uncharted 3 exhibits over Among Thieves, though I've still noticed a few people confess it to being their favourite. Of all things I never expected Drake's Fortune to get some early votes in before Deception.

I think it's the charm of the game in all honesty, it has quite a lot of it that the others can't quite replicate.

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I thought three had some amazing scenarios and I really liked the return of the well designed "arenas", it was slower paced and seemed like a more personal story but stakes didn't seem as high as in the second game which will probably always be my favourite unless they do something dramatic to the (inevitable) fourth entry. The first game still has a lot of charm but I think it's easily the weakest gameplay wise which is why it's probably my least favourite.