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Ryan Davis, you will be missed. You've influenced my life in more ways than you can imagine. You've given me so much joy and laughs over the years. Respect to you sir.

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What about a PS4 version?

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@tourgen said:


android gaming. aka crappy emulators and laggy game loops


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They should just announce the damn thing already. I'm getting sick of all this secrecy bullshit.

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I'll probably end up buying both consoles but I'll probably end up buying all the multiplatform games on PS4 if this always online thing is true.

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If you really want more Infinite, than you should probably get the season pass. I loved Saints Row 3 to the point that I was unable to see that the DLC wasn't great. I was just happy to be playing more Saints Row, regardless of quality.

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I go to the gym 90 minutes every day. If the gym is closed because of holiday, I run up the Montreal mountain. The trick to staying motivated is to do new exercises every day. If you're not switching it up and doing the same old routine every day, you're going to get bored, which leads to demotivation.

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Yes, he's on a no fly list so he uses Dave Lang's passport to take planes.

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Video streaming has been pretty busted for me on the new site but appart from that I like the new front page. It looks cool.