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My opinion is to play the game anyway you want. If you don't get game mechanics, you should totally feel free to look them up. People always say that faqs ruin the secrets in Dark Souls but I think the messages left by players already does that so who cares, look it up. Only assholes on the internet likes to imagine there is some platonic form of a blind run for Dark Souls.

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Just something to consider, is this a cpu spike that is causing the stuttering? And is this happening immediately or after a while? It might have something to do with you power supply/temperature of the gpu.

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Maybe I am slow but after like 300+ hrs (according to steam) in the game I just realized that those dinosaur butts in lost izalith are the lower half of the undead dragons. You can see in the painted world that the top half of the undead dragon rips itself from the lower half on the bridge shortcut. That also explains why the undead dragon NEVER FLIES OR MOVES (I literally just thought of that while typing it). Is this a Jeff/Phoenix Down moment or am I the only one who never got it?

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Can confirm it doesn't work in itunes either

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Maybe I'm being pessimistic? But I feel like new consoles have many of the features Steam provides but I don't see consoles providing much for PCs in general. In fact, my worry is that the increased prestige of releasing on consoles (coupled with a smaller more focused market than free for alls like Steam and iOS) will draw away the really talented indie devs (like A level guys).

The only thing I really want right now anywhere is someone to make a Dark Souls esque game with a D&D system (it practically is already and if you really think about it the story of Dark Souls is Baldur's Gate essentially) set in the Forgotten Realms. I have a dream of backstabbing a Beholder and I can't shake the vision from my mind.

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I have a main ssd to play games on so I only install games I am playing. Around 10 to 20 games at most

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@mcghee: I was always more partial to the Wild Arms 2 Second Intro (which when that I first noticed BLEW MY MIND as a kid).

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Horrible news, I went through something similar to your situation a few years ago. I don't know your age or your situation but I wish the best of luck for you. The world can be a lonely place sometimes.

Also, I don't know if you qualify but you may want to seek out aid from medicaid or from charities like the Ronald McDonald House. They do great work and may make a horrible situation more bearable. Also don't feel ashamed to ask for help, these things are too much for one person to bear.